23 Ordinary Things With Unusual Hidden Uses
23 Ordinary Things With Unusual Hidden Uses

A backpack, iPhone, keyboard, a jet pack – well
maybe not a jet-pack — but hey, you use these things every day! Still they might not be as straightforward
as you think! Lots of ordinary objects have secret features
that unlock their FULL potential! Yeah, even toothpicks! 1. A drawer under the oven
It’s simple – you need it to store all those pots and pans! Hmm, maybe, but it wasn’t this drawer’s
original purpose. You can use this place to keep your food warm
while something else is being prepared in the oven! 2. Wooden hangers
They might look more stylish and sturdy than metal or plastic ones. But it’s not all about looks! The very first wooden hangers were made from
cedar, which is an effective natural insect repellant. The smell scared off moths and saved clothes. 3. Fabric patches
Some pieces of clothing come with a small patch of fabric with a button on it. While it’s quite obvious how to use the button,
the fabric’s purpose isn’t so apparent – is it to patch holes? Then why’s it so small? You’re supposed to test your cleaning products
on it. Then, if something goes wrong, you won’t ruin
the whole garment. 4. Diamond slits on backpacks
These diamonds were originally placed only on traveler backpacks and were designed to
carry ropes. Now, you can find such slits on pretty much
every backpack. Why not use them to carry a bottle of water,
an umbrella, or a pair of sneakers? 5. A hole in the elevator door
This seemingly random dime-sized hole is actually a keyhole. If the elevator doors get stuck, an operator
can open them manually by inserting a special key in this hole. The same tool is used when an elevator needs
routine maintenance. 6. A dent in the milk container
Some plastic milk containers have dents in their sides that serve several purposes. For one, if milk spoils, this process can
cause swelling and high-pressure build-up inside the container. That’s when the dent comes in handy – it pops
out and doesn’t let the jug blow up. Plus, if you decide to freeze the milk, it’ll
expand like any other liquid. And then again, the indentation will pop out
and prevent the container from bursting inside the freezer. 7. Removable headrests
Even though it wasn’t its original role, a removable headrest can turn into a crucial
survival tool. Being trapped in a car, you can use the headrest’s
metal prods to break the window and get out. 8. Applesauce lids
Ever been stranded with a pack of applesauce but no spoon at hand? (If I had a nickel…) Then you probably don’t know that each snack
pack already has a built-in spoon! Several twists of the foil lid…aaand here
you go! 9. Bread tags
Colorful plastic tags on bags of bread indicate when the loaf was baked. The color code is the following: Monday – a
blue tag, Tuesday – green, Thursday – red, Friday – white, and on Saturday, you can buy
fresh bread with a yellow tag. Apparently they don’t bake bread on Wednesday. That’s so they can loaf around… 10. Grooves on keyboards
Palpable lines on the F and J keys help those who type without looking at the keyboard to
position their hands correctly. You place your right and left index fingers
on the grooves and immediately understand where your other fingers should go. None of which should be up your nose. 11. Rings in zippers
Ever paid attention to those outer rings in zipper sliders, especially when two sliders
are used together? These rings are added so that you can connect
the sliders with a lock and keep sticky fingers away! Review #10. 12. Chinese takeaway boxes
A first-timer might think that Chinese takeaway boxes have a peculiar shape. More experienced diners know that by unfolding
the sides of these containers, you get a paper plate with the food already sitting on top. 13. Tri-color toothpaste
Lots of toothpastes have blue, red, and white stripes. Such coloring isn’t mere aesthetics (although
it does look quite cheerful) – all the stripes have their own ingredients and purposes. The blue one contains antimicrobial elements
and has a breath-freshening effect. The red one includes some ingredients crucial
for healthy gums. And the white, most valuable stripe removes
plaque and whitens the teeth. 14. Little studs on jeans (Hey that was my gang
in middle school!) The first jeans had one problem: workers and
miners (who were the original jean wearers) put so much stress on their denim pants, that
its seams couldn’t withstand the pressure and tore. Tiny metal studs were invented to prevent
this from happening. 15. Utility knife
This instrument is supposed to last way longer than most people think. Take a good look at the knife’s blade, and
you’ll notice that it’s made of narrow parallel sections. When your knife gets blunt, break off the
top section with the cap you can find at the bottom – voila, you have a brand-new sharp
blade again! Just don’t forget to put some safety gloves
and goggles on first! 16. A slot near the iPhone camera
Not every iPhone owner pays attention to an almost unnoticeable little hole between the
camera and the flash. It’s the gadget’s second microphone. Its role is to block outside noises when you’re
filming a video. This microphone also makes the sound clearer
– use it when you’re on the phone in a noisy place! 17. Ketchup cups
If you ever used those flimsy, ribbed ketchup containers they have at fast-food restaurants,
you probably wondered why they don’t make them a bit bigger. What most people don’t know, though, is that
those ribs should be pulled outward – thanks to this trick, the container can house way
more sauce! 18. Dental floss
This dental-hygiene must-have can slip out your fingers and tangle. To avoid such problems, tear off a piece of
floss and tie its two ends together: it will be much easier to use and won’t hurt your
hands. 19. Shirt loops
If you don’t have a hanger nearby, inspect your shirt for a small loop on the back. If there is one, you can use it to hang your
shirt on a locker peg, and it won’t crease. 20. A hole in the skillet handle
Most frying pans have holes in their handles. No, it’s not for hanging the thing on the
wall (although that’s also a convenient option!). When you’re cooking something in the pan,
the hole in the handle is there to hold your messy spoon or spatula! It’s especially important for plastic utensils
because you can’t leave them in the pan for long since, ya know, they can melt! 21. Toothpicks
If you see a toothpick with several grooves on the blunt end, it doesn’t mean someone
used it before you! Please take advantage of this smart design! When you need to use one, break off the grooved
end and put it on the table. It’ll serve as a rest to keep your toothpick
from touching the surface. 22. Soft drink lid
You’ve probably noticed that most soft drink lids have ridges and three bumps on them. With their help, the lid can turn into a coaster
once you put it on the table and place the cup on top of it. No more spillage! 23. Soda can tab
Almost all soda can tabs have a hole in the middle, and it has nothing to do with opening
the thing! It was designed to be a holder for your straw. This way, you don’t have to worry about your
straw floating up and poking you in the eye! So hey, did you learn something new today? Then give the video a like and share it with
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