2017 GMC Acadia SLT – GMC Acadia Review
2017 GMC Acadia SLT – GMC Acadia Review

– What’s up everybody? Chevy Dave here. I’m gonna do a review
on this 2017 GMC Acadia. We just got this vehicle in. It’s a SLT model, but before I do that, if this is the first time
you’re checking out my channel, welcome, I’m Chevy Dave. I do vehicle reviews and also give you some great information, as
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on any furture videos or anything like that. Let’s take a quick walk
around this 2017 GMC Acadia. (soft music) So this is a 2017 GMC Acadia. This is an SLT model that we just got in. Went through our shop, passed our strict 127 point inspection, and it is looking for a new home. This is an SLT model, so this is one of the higher end trim
levels that GMC makes. It does come with our lifetime powertrain warranty at no extra charge. It’s one of the Deien advantages that we offer here at Deien Cheverolet. This vehicle’s in great shape. Low milage, only got like
30 thousand miles on it. And, like I said, passed our
strict 127 point inspection. This is just gonna be a quick review. If you’re interested in this vehicle, feel free to hit me up and I can do a more intensive review of the the vehicle. We price all of our vehicles to sell, so they do not last long. All right, does have the
proximity lock and unlock, along with remote start and
a rear hatch release as well. So, you can just walk up,
hit this button right here, and it’ll lock and unlock the vehicle. It does have the leather interior. Does have the Bose stereo system. The driver and the passenger
seat are both power. Does have power windows,
power locks, power mirrors. And then here’s a look inside. The interior does have backup camera, heated seats, on the front row. And like I do in all my videos, I’ll always zoom in on the driver’s seat, so you can see the condition of it. And it is in great shape. All right, here’s a look in the back. It does have power locks in the back. Does have the captains chairs and then the seats do move forward and then also, it is a third row vehicle. Here’s a look at the third row. Does have rear climate controls, plus a dual zone control in the front, so you can have two different temperatures on the right and left of the vehicle. Plus you can control the
temperature in the back as well. This does have the 3.6
liter V6 motor in it. Like I said, does have the
power rear lift gate as well. And then the third row
seats, they do fold down. And then you pull ’em back up. It does have this little storage compartment underneath here, for a little bit of
storage underneath there and also, a 12 volt outlet back here. And to close it you just
hit this button up here and it’ll close on it’s own as well. This is jus a little quick
review on this 2017 GMC Acadia. Like I said, we do price our vehicles to sell, so they do not long. So if you’re interested in this vehicle, or want for more information, all my contact information is below, so go ahead and shoot me an email, shoot me a text, and I can get you more indepth information
on this vehicle as well. Or you can check out my
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