2016 Nature’s Best Photography Awards
2016 Nature’s Best Photography Awards

Daisy Gilardini: Everything is freezing your hands are painful cold but when you get the image then you forget about everything the mission of nature’s best photography
is very simple and clear to touch the hearts and minds of people around the
world and to deepen their connection with the planet through photography you my first trip actually to the polar
region was in 1997 it was a trip that literally changed my life I just totally
fell in love with Antarctica finally I decided to quit and to sell my business
and to become a full-time photographer I can count more than 50 expeditions
between Arctic and Antarctica in the last 19 years in 20 years I in a lot of
changes all the dynamics among the penguin colony and Antarctic Peninsula
and in the Arctic is even more clear my goal is to capture the essence and the
soul of the animals because for me this is a big powerful tool to reach people
heart to create strong environmental messages
which are essential we wearing what Post National Park which is in Manitoba
Canada we go to this location in February March that’s when de mama
with the bears coming out of the den and for three and a half hours she’s gone
out you know they sleep usually and so you’re just there seeing them sleeping
in a period of three hours to record of clipping we’re not cuddling playing
nursing when the Bears are out my face is attached to my camera I quite often
shoot laying on the ground it’s uncomfortable is more cold you get
more wind you get more snow but you get a different angle it’s borderline
between okay I’m gonna get frostbite or I’m gonna get the image and it’s always
a fine line where you can push yourself instinct is to get back to the vehicle
to get warm again but you know you might miss the shot when I shot it you immediately know you
know you have that adrenaline in your blood started flowing say yes I got it
this is just unique it’s just unbelievable science is the brain while
photography is the heart you I borrowed my dad’s camera and I fell in
love with wildlife photography and with nature when you put in the photography
element you start to look at nature in a different way although you’re looking at
it through a lens you’re looking at it more defined you’re looking at more
specific things I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled all around the
African continent mainly southern in Eastern Africa there’s something about
Africa that it’s not like anywhere else on earth and when I got home all I
wanted to do was get back to Africa I went with my grandparents to the Tim
Avanti Game Reserve in South Africa so our first game drive out there and we
come across this Leopard then all of a sudden we look down the
road and there is another leopard about the same size as her and it was a almost
fully grown Cup leopards are known to leave their cubs
especially at this age to go out and hunt on their own so this couple have
been away from its mother for about 48 hours and we just watched as the two of
them just get together and have this incredible interaction and it was just a beautiful thing you
you you

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    If the creations are so beautiful…
    Guess how much beautiful would be the "Creator"… The " khaliq"…
    All praise to the lord of lords, one n only "Allah".
    Allah o Akbar… Allah is the greatest.

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