19 Mistakes That Make Your Smartphone Age Sooner

[add some schlocky 1960’s soap opera music:
Up full, then under VO] Are you in a healthy relationship with your cellphone? You take good care of it, treat it with respect,
and always keep it close… But—has your phone been coming home late,
making lame excuses for their whereabouts, erasing their call logs so you can’t see
who they’ve been communicating with? Are you sure that relationship isn’t toxic? Hmm — could be if you’re guilty of these
all-too common mistakes…[music fades out] 1. Looking down at your screen
Have you ever heard of “text neck”? It’s what happens when you constantly bend
your neck down and forward to look at the screen. It’s a real pain in the neck, believe me! It also messes up your posture and can result
in frequent headaches. Prevention is better than cure, so hold your
phone at eye level and keep your neck as straight as possible. 2. Plugging it in carelessly
If your chargers tend to live no longer than a few months, it’s not because the manufacturer
gave you a fake. Plugging your phone in without looking or
jamming the charger in the port with all your strength just because, say, you’re in a
hurry – you’re shortening the charger’s lifespan. Electrical contacts are much more delicate
than you think. So be more careful if you want it to last
longer. 3. Not updating the software
When your phone is hinting it wouldn’t mind an update, treat it to one. Manufacturers work on them for a reason. They fix bugs and protect your gadget from
possible threats. They do take some storage, but it’s well
worth it. As long as you’re downloading from reliable
sources, it’s 100% safe. 4. Sleeping with your phone
It wakes you up, and it’s the first thing you look at in the morning to stay updated. But a cell phone is a little electromagnetic
transmitter and receiver. That means it emits radio waves. Scientists are still trying to figure out
how dangerous those might be for your brain. But what IS a known fact is that notifications
arriving during the night can mess up your sleep cycle. If you absolutely can’t turn the phone off
and leave it in a different room, at least keep it in airplane mode while you’re sleeping. 5. Being exposed to blue light for too long
The light from your screen suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. That’s another reason you shouldn’t be near
it while sleeping. Blue light also gives you headaches and eye
problems. Try resetting the light levels on your phone
and turning on the blue light filter. You can do it in your phone’s Display & Brightness
Settings. It’ll change the lighting automatically
during Night Mode. 6. Keeping it in contact with your skin
Your phone gets hot when you’re using it, and your skin absorbs a little of the heat
every time you keep it close to your body. Again, scientists aren’t sure what effects
those radio waves have on the human body, but better safe than sorry! If you keep some distance between you and
your phone, you’ll absorb less of whatever possibly dangerous signals it’s putting
out. Even if you’re not afraid of the radio waves,
the dirty screen can cause skin problems on your cheeks! Try to use a headset or speakerphone while
talking on your cell. 7. Leaving it in the sun
You might love to catch some rays, but your phone is strongly against it. Too much sun or heat can ruin it from both
the outside and the inside. It can make your screen pixelate, crack, and
forget it used to be a touch screen. It also overheats the battery and even bends
the circuit board inside the phone. So never leave your phone in a hot car or
in direct sunlight. If you take it to the beach, leave it in your
bag in the shade. And don’t leave any iced tea for it. It doesn’t drink the stuff. 8. Keeping it in your back pocket
Your body is also a heat factory, and you already know how that can be bad for your
phone. The fact that there’s no airflow in your
pocket only makes things worse. You might also forget about it, sit on it,
and break it or bend it if it’s super slim. That, and it’s kinda like a welcome-sign
for pickpockets. And let’s not even bring up that big no-no:
butt dialing your teachers. 9. Going overboard with DIYs
Cover your phone in toothpaste and see what happens! … Or better not. Rubbing it in foil or cutting holes in your
phone case isn’t necessarily a good idea either. If you can’t resist trying some of the DIYs
you found online, at least read the reviews of other users before you do it. Toothpaste – really??? 10. Falling for a designer case
Expensive cases aren’t always the safest just because they have a famous logo on them. Pick the most reliable one that’s fitted to
your phone, brand or no brand. Again, reviews will help a ton with that! 11. Using it with a low signal
When you see a weak signal on the screen, it means your phone is putting out a stronger
signal as a transmitter while trying to find a better connection. That is, it’s putting out way more radio
frequencies, which could be bad for your health. Plus, it heats up when in active signal search,
and that’s risky too. The best you can do to stay safe is using
a landline or keeping the phone as far away from you as possible when the signal is low. Remember, a headset comes in handy for this! 12. Never restarting your phone
Your little palm accessory processes loads of data and stores a good deal of it in the
random access memory. When you restart it, the RAM is cleared, and
all the apps are closed. If you don’t do it from time to time, your
gadget might have an emotional breakdown one day and refuse to respond to your commands
or just turn off. To avoid that, give it a well-deserved break
at least once a week. Turn it off and wait a minute before you turn
it back on. It’ll show its gratitude by working more
effectively. 13. Putting your phone on vibration
Do you get a lot of calls? And that constant ringing is annoying you
so you opt for vibration mode? Your ears might love it, but your phone clearly
doesn’t. Constant vibration slowly takes life out of
your phone’s battery and decreases its performance. Better turn the sound off completely or go
with it. Makes me wonder: are you a silent mode, vibration,
or sound-on kind of person? Let me know in the comments below! 14. Always using location services
Apps like “Find my Phone” or Maps need to use location technology to find your phone
or yourself! Other apps though, like your camera, social
media apps, and the like don’t really need to stay geographically updated all the time. They’re draining the battery, and every
charge cycle is one step towards your phone’s aging. So disable this feature for all insignificant
apps in your settings. 15. Dropping it in your bag without a cover
A phone cover isn’t just a trendy accessory. It’s designed to protect your phone from
scratches caused by sharp things like keys inside your bag. Plus, a good cover is also a dust protector. And when dust builds up inside your gadget,
it makes it overheat and malfunction. 16. Never cleaning the inside
I’m sure you wipe your screen down from time to time, but the internal parts need
some attention too. Your phone is a real grime collector. You keep it in your bag, put it on restaurant
tables, and drop it in your car. Dust, lint, and dirt get in and mess up its
internal parts. It’s not the best idea to open the phone
and do the cleaning yourself – take it to a professional, they know how to do it. 17. Ignoring external storage
Even if it seems like you still have enough free space on your device, do it a favor and
unload the burden. Your hard drive will do a better job when
it’s not clogged with tons of data. If your phone supports memory cards, use those. Go to settings and make it the ultimate storage
location for your apps, music, and photos. If you can’t use an external memory card,
move your data to cloud storage. 18. Charging it during a thunderstorm
When you hear a storm starting, it’s not the best moment to charge your phone. Even if you have the best network filters,
a lightning bolt can still crash that protection. The electricity can flow through the power
cord and into your phone. Yikes! Better wait until the storm blows over! 19. Keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time
Remember to disable those two whenever you aren’t using them if you don’t want to drain
the battery. Otherwise, it’s like keeping the faucet running
when you aren’t using the water! Wow, who knew that phones would evolve to
be so– needy? Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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