13 Types of Photographers
13 Types of Photographers

Wow, banana It’s very good one more [three] photos for you. Yeah, many photos for you. That’s a nice top Yeah, one more one more. I have five more five more Ten more photos for you. Yes, this is my stop. Yeah, very good very good one more last one and good, okay Thank you very much [bye-bye] nix Okay, knicks Did you get it? They way? They’re changing nineteen Jinglun’s you get it anyway? [I] think I’ll kept the call cap Hey Raven, a wrong lens wrong lens Hey Listen a girl Wanna. I’m alma I once on [Anna]. Thank you. Hey, okay, bunny. Paint on da Minha, really ah I think you are Cuz I don’t photoshop my photos All right, come on. Come on. Yeah come on. Yeah Very good come yeah, one more yeah okay, small show Motif ah Are you? Kosala You’re brother and sister is it open? You like this you see the lake let it on hold look like that you see you Hope I’m off watch you take the lake let it ah turn around do Excuse me sir. [can] [you] take a photo for yeah sure? [I’ve] [been] [around] night, sir. There are nicer ready one [two] Wah banana Excuse me. Can you take a picture with me with a car here? Oh you can’t hi? I’m video [no], take a picture with me. Which is a clark key. Oh Cocky okay, not a clark icky Don’t laugh Usage on someone oh yeah, right [no], it’s all junk. Oh easy pies right okay? Hey, you bae. It’s about [halle], okay?

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  1. bunny man says:

    1:08 ling big yong wow

  2. Milk Tae says:

    "cocky" LOL the subtitles

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    lim big yong …

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    woow eden
    funny terrence

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    Where did ling big yong come from 😂

  8. Yall did not like my name so yeah says:

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    Wow!!! Is 林Big咏!!

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  12. Almira Maya says:

    Audrey n Eden kissing

  13. FrostLY itbruh says:

    you said Fnana not banana

  14. Chef Preston says:

    Oh my goodness Terrance’s scream

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  16. TAN YORK PING says:

    Omg Ling pink Yong in wah banana and wearing the wah banana shirt

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  18. Tiff Wu says:

    Eden is so cute

  19. Lalhruaitluangi Pachuau says:

    Where can i buy this Banana t.shirt..please…

  20. Zebackpackkid says:

    0:15 boobs = fap

  21. Oppo Neo5 says:

    attention seeker

  22. Shawn Lim says:

    Audrey is like 'can i marry him? He is a better kisser than my husband….. '

  23. Bayina Suki says:

    2:09 nice kiss stolen dude😂

  24. UNNATI VED says:

    I love audray

  25. Cute Unicorn Dreams says:

    At the Proffesional…did they really kiss??

  26. Artificial Idiot says:

    1:27 LING BIG YONG! well not much of a fan of Chinese even though my school teaches it but this channel has English and Chinese which is perfect for people who don't speak one of them.

  27. Artificial Idiot says:

    2:11 taking advantages

  28. Artificial Idiot says:

    The end was funny, both doesn't know they speak Chinese and still funny

  29. ASSASIN Superspygurl says:


  30. I like to have some suga kookies with some tae says:

    Ling bing yong

  31. Avarie Miller says:

    1:43 What did he shout?

  32. Shuet Ee Low says:

    0:17 but it doesn’t make sense because you don’t wake up with makeup 😝😝😝

  33. Shania Dsouza says:

    I liked the last one

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  35. Suga Kookies With Some Tae says:

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  38. Kellyn Lim says:

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  39. Urmila Tamang says:

    Omg 😂😂so funny

  40. Dorothy Attard Apap says:

    Eden is so talented I'm impressed

  41. Gabriel’s Games says:

    1 is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Jaslin Low says:

    Lol ling bing yong

  43. ツLina says:

    1:28 Danielle Cohn in a nutshell

  44. Funni Justin says:

    Ling bin yong is in the video

  45. Some one says:

    This is so old!!

  46. Flu says:

    1:43 holly hell terence.

  47. Rntx Gaming says:

    I dont like photos when there is someone looking at the camera i like photos that does not have anyone in the photos or there is someone in the photos but its not looking at the camera

  48. R R says:

    they are all crazy but it's so fun 😅😅😆

  49. all game pro says:

    Damnnnn Ling big ying malaysiaa

  50. Dwabber YT says:

    Ling big yong

  51. ItzYaBoi Zeck says:

    Lim Big Yong is from Bad Student 1 2 3

  52. Alpa Patel says:

    last one is soo funny …….
    turn around , turn around and hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha………..👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😅❗❗❗❗

  53. Ayyesha Shahia says:

    I'm selling replay buttons for this minute
    It's just one like

    I'm just joking guys

  54. acenny vun says:

    林pink Yong is that u

  55. zhixu tan says:

    Why is ling big yong inside

  56. Siewphin Chai says:

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  57. Xinrong Lim says:

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  58. Frisbee says:

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  60. Raheela Latif says:

    Omg the scream tho 😂😂😂

  61. John Jonz says:

    I like the Professional Photographer


    In changing lens Benzo is amazing

  63. Delly says:

    1:43 guys repeat this over and over again trust me u might laugh

  64. H4R00N YT says:


  65. Kang_Chae Hei says:

    2019 ?!

  66. christine Toh says:

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  67. Random Megan says:

    1:42 LOL

  68. CherryCherishPlayz :3 says:

    that is LimBigYong :O OMG sleep on le bed OOF

  69. SkyJov Gamer says:

    why is audrey allways the weird and popular one

  70. peng yam says:

    First time
    Terence:ai wait wait wait wait changing lens
    Second time
    Terence:ai wait wait wait wait take out cap
    Thired time
    Terence:ai wait wait wait wait wring lens
    Me:than might as well dont take the picture loh if got alot of problem'-'(this is just for fun)

  71. Lily Yeap X3 says:

    Ling big yong

  72. Pathma Pathma says:

    Omg Terrence

  73. Roxana And Crystal Roxana And Crystals Fun Channel says:

    1:43 AHAGDGBEYGDVEBXHVEGHXBSVXGHEB ~thats the sound of a lite baby brat wanting a toy

  74. Jungolate Kookie says:

    U guys sound Taiwanese. R u guys? I am.

  75. Pustle Feed says:

    the number 9 one is like that shoted ahhhhhhhrhhddfhfjfjfjcjkfoe9e

  76. May Lim says:

    OMG even Ling Big Yong is in the movie

  77. Miss Tunafish says:

    2:00 I screenshotted that like the cheap Fujoshi that I am.

  78. Apex clueZ says:

    Did eden really kiss her at 2:07


    Ling Big Yong AHHHHH!!!

  80. lil wolfy says:

    audrey the slut~

  81. coconut girl says:

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  92. 姜幸晴 says:

    Is that @Ling BigYong ?

  93. ilsa Arab says:

    I realized when this video came out by the intro.

  94. Amazing rainbow BIRD says:

    When your exams are coming

  95. V_ a e s t h e t i c says:

    I'm the one who takes aesthetic pictures

  96. Wolfy_ Rhian says:

    When baby Terence doesn't get what he wants

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