100 thoughts on “11 Body Language Signs She’s Attracted To You – HIDDEN Signals She Likes You”

  1. i_beat_my_feet_ says:

    Please Jesus, let these signs be correct for once

  2. LaVinciCode says:

    Girl: “Shows her neck”
    Me: Bite it like an animal

  3. Mushi Shah says:

    I dont blieve in this all

  4. Virginia Ouyoumb says:

    Make how to know if your classmate likes you

  5. John Ginn says:

    Great! My crush has no lips or nose….

  6. Random Brandon says:

    Me: Crosses arm
    Girl: I want to mirror you but that means I don't like you

  7. Nancy Ruiz says:

    Im interested in these sercets

  8. Syco_Dev says:

    Woman speaking
    No hate btw it was just something I decided to point out

  9. Hypnosis duċズ says:

    When my mom crosses her arm, I just run away

  10. Satyam Kumar Mishra says:

    Oh god, I have ignored so many beautiful girls, literally gazing at me😐

  11. Dark Lord says:

    Oh no!
    Video is over and I was reading the comments only😂😂😂

  12. Arun Unnikrishnan says:

    Thanks youtube algorithm… Now my inspiration to approach her is dead!

  13. willie bennett says:

    Me: wanna go out sometime?
    Girl: Ew why
    Me: you blinked at me…


  14. Joshua James Urgel says:

    How will you know if she's looking at you? If you look at her, it looks like you're the one made her look to you. Sorry for my bad english

  15. Joshua James Urgel says:

    Me: looks at her feet.
    Her: what are you looking at, You're disgusting!

  16. Super venkat says:

    It's very easy for me to find…everytime i can see girls holding their hands before me like a teacher, student relationship,😂😁

  17. TristenDoesGames says:


  18. Cameron Mataka says:

    Ok…which one tells you she's not a false rape grenade withthe pin pulled? ?

  19. adam atiyeh says:

    Google/YouTube Adam Atiyeh the founder of To the Top

  20. Rodney Washington says:

    I like when women do ALL of these things to me at the gym…Even though they CLEARLY already have a BF, Fiance, Husband, or just flat out have a fan club of options🤔🤔🤔

  21. Trace Roberts says:

    Is it just me or does every single woman cross her arms with defensive intent

  22. gjchjckh xhfhxhh says:

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly
    she gave him a slap

  23. Bradley Austin says:

    I think this applied before mobile phones and internet. But flirting for some guys in modern times, is sending the good old fashioned dick pic.

  24. brad bolton says:

    Reminds me of a girl from work. I wanted to ask her out but was too scared, and she noticed. Game over.😞

  25. shak1ification says:

    Wow…. I’ve literally never had any any of this happen me……… ‘hangs head dejectedly ;(

  26. Anarchy in Bosnia says:

    Nothing of this is true in my life girls don't looks me,yeah virgin guys are you here😫🙁☹😔😓😕😞😖😟😩😦😭😔

  27. Ghöśt Łörd says:

    Everytime I look up I always see dis girl stare back us

  28. EricDutemple says:

    Can we have a map and compass while at it ? also gps ?

  29. An angry Light skin says:

    If she sucks my cock is she into me?

  30. goofyp Ilm says:

    girls' comment section in these type of videos: aww he actually LIKES ME !1!1 I'm gonna cryyy ahhhhh HE'S SOO ADORABLE !!

    boys' comment section in these type of videos: hahaaaaaa bruhh that honey is diggin tf outta mee. I must b one hell of attractive mf

  31. Pamie Jimininah says:

    2 .
    Don't Expose us

  32. Yann Ezechiel Brizoua says:

    In my case eye contact last more than 5min

  33. Matthew Sanchez says:

    What if a girl Holds your hand for example i acendently put my hand on her desk and her move is that she holds your hand

  34. CineplexOFFICIALTECHNO says:

    Had this super hot woman staring at me!
    Then i realized it was a poster at a Walmart

  35. Dani says:

    I always have like this girl on work who smiles at me when i walk by. But then im thinking like okay its just a normal smile she can do this to anyone. Maybe i have a big ego that i think this or i have just no self confidence

  36. J Serenate says:

    Hey guys so there’s this new girl at school she super cute. And pretty much I made the biggest idiot of myself in front of her ever and I think she just looks down at me now.

    Has this happened to anyone else cos I’m just depressed in my bed now😢

  37. Katie Nelson says:

    K guys I’m a girl and i just got to say that when I’m around the guy I like a lot of times I DO cross my arms just cause I don’t know what else to do with my self — I get nervous. But other than that I agree with pretty much all of the other things said

  38. Peanut says:

    ScienTiFIcaLLY PrOVeN

  39. AEDINE says:

    we should teach our children to be, of course, polite and understanding when it comes to dating and socializing but more open and direct when expressing their interest as well. Get rid of these games…

  40. Steven Frew says:

    What if she mentions that the discription of "Rusty Trombone"is in Wikipedia?

  41. chloesthetic says:

    'gentlemen this is mantelligence'
    me, a bisexual girl : nervously sweating

  42. Elmo says:

    Yep, The neck is vulnerable…😂

  43. Nick Gior says:

    Guys I think that I disagree with the crossed arms. I don't think it's a negative sign, because a girl that was in love with me( I didn't find her attractive) every single time she talked to me she had her arms crossed. As a man I tend to cross my arms too regardless the person I talk too.

  44. XE ROX says:

    How to make girls attractive to you?

    Be rich and wealthy 😊😊

  45. Erick Guzman Lainez says:

    Hey I'm 10 years old and this girl in my school is touching me on the shoulders and trying to pull my arm to her. And she gets too close of my personal space

  46. Jesus Yanez says:

    Women dont know what they want thats why they need someone to tell them what to do.

  47. A M says:

    My grandmother just stepped into my 4 feet field. Directly in front of my vision too….

    Thumb down 👎🏻

  48. Prince Vegeta MUI says:

    Bruh when i was at lunch i saw her and litterly made eye contact for like 10 them i was like wtffffff

  49. suckmytoes says:

    Djbcdjyndifjd I was crossing my arms when I was sitting next to him because I was trying to hide my fat but ok

  50. Like Kane says:

    What if she puts the palm of her hand squarely on my face and pushes forcibly back. There's a concrete wall directly behind me. Is she playing hard to get? Because I'm still in her intimate zone tho.

  51. King Anthony says:

    Is this real lol I had this happen at a local head shop and she gave me $40 worth of products free to try and let her know how they work. She repeated things I said I go I’m in here every other day she goes I work every other day maybe we will see each other again. I’m positive she was just being nice . She pulled her hair behind her ears with under arms exposed definitely more then 3 seconds eye contact. I think all females do this tho.

  52. Mike Hunt says:

    I’m watching this ironically, i swear.

  53. MuraShafyee says:

    I used to cross my arms around my crush, I'm just an anxious person. I got over, but just letting ya guys know that may be a reason. 👌

  54. i Mex says:

    Omg this is too complicated. Im just gonna go back to my hand.

  55. USA isaLove says:

    You know what? Damn! Mine gal did all these signs but I wasn't confident till we met for the last time. Yes! I am a dumb

  56. adam atiyeh says:

    Google/YouTube Adam Atiyeh

  57. volvo 740 says:

    So i like this girl not sure if she likes me me and some friends is going to hang out with her some on saturday! GUYS WHAT SHOULD I DO? HELP

  58. latoya smith says:

    boy kisses girl
    girl : what was that for ?
    boy : you entered my zone

    now he's in iss

  59. Patrick S says:

    If she grabs my balls and licks my face, does that mean she's interested?

  60. ElRadioDJ913 says:

    I think the movie Shame taught me enough.

  61. Do meng says:

    Name a scam?

  62. SRN Kim-Chhun says:

    I had 2 girls that liked me in year 8

  63. Veronica Canada says:

    So I was waiting for the bus with my friend butalso talking to my crush while she was waiting for her parents to pick her up when my bus finally arrived she grabbed me and told me to wait with her what do I have a chance

  64. Sexy Vision says:

    I'm a girl. I'm watching this to see if I'm too obvious….

  65. Paola Garcia says:

    These are lies. I've seen plenty of women do this to every guy!! So you are not special lmfao

  66. FreakIn says:

    That one girl I liked tilted her head towards me and pursed her lips, but her feets were facing somewhere else so I said: ""Screw this." and I left.

  67. PvZ Vlogs_ES says:

    Guy: You must like me, your pupils are dilating
    Literally me: my pupils always dilate. It’s not you, it’s me

  68. LifeHacker says:

    Can anyone confirm that these are true? preferably a girl/woman, 'cause I've got absolutely NO clue if girls are flirting with me or not.

  69. hakku says:

    tilts head

    guy: take off your clothes

  70. shreda clash says:

    I have a private question

  71. Prince Jay says:

    There is the girl that randomly holds my hips idk if she likes me I need help

  72. Anthony Jemison says:

    lol at kfc a min ago! lady walks from behind the counter lol. i just looked mmmumm

  73. Henti Kirby says:

    The best way to know is by putting your cok in her hand.

  74. Hoenn Founder says:

    Or maybe she crosses her arms because she finds it comfortable

  75. Jc Aguilar says:

    I still dont understand the feet shit XD

  76. RykliaVaikis says:

    im in love !!!!!! thanks to your tips .

  77. Arijate says:

    what if shes crossing her arms to body mirror you?

  78. ArnorAteBscotch says:

    Girl: makes eye contact with me for 0,000000001 sec

    My brain: She likes you bro

  79. Big Nibba says:

    Tried this in my daughter and it worked!!! Thanks!!

  80. Burke says:

    But what if she is my bff

  81. Dan Ers says:

    I kissed a girl because she showed me her neck.

    She's bald tho.

  82. GD Alexxiz34 says:

    Girl: crosses her arms

    mission failed, well get em next time

  83. Franklin Clinton says:

    I think my grandma likes me

  84. Francisco says:

    I thought crossed arms were that there interested in ur conversation…

  85. nycgemini7222 says:

    #2: what if she’s wearing a turtleneck 😂

  86. Mike Walsh says:

    Dilated pupils ain't gonna tell you much if you are in a bar or club they could all just be pissed…

  87. Mackenzie Kabrich says:

    I'm a wOmAn and I do all of these lmao

  88. Brandon Lee says:

    Or if she finds out you’re wealthy . . . . . .

  89. Incoming Boogaloo says:

    Your honor i know im being convicted of multiple cases of sexual assault but they were in my intimate zone

  90. swahili ranger says:

    Maybe someone could shed some light on this, but I'm unbelievably uninterested in dating or flirtation, I enjoy talking to women, but I tend to keep conversations short as well as on topic as opposed to something else. I actually asked a girl at work out to coffee, she genuinely ran out of time before we met up and politely texted me about it, after that I just lost interest, and I'm not sure why. She still says hi and I believe she still wants to get to know me, but I've screwed up SOOOOO many work situations dating women (typically who were on their way out- which is the best coarse of action if your gonna date a co-worker). I think their is a part of me that wants to find relationships, whether that be friendships or romantic ones, but deep down I just don't really have the passion or interest like I should. I feel kind of dead emotionally I suppose. The weird thing is that I've dated several women, I've had several relationships, I had friends in the past, but right now it seems like I have more enemies and exes that would probably not enjoy "bumping" into me at this juncture. I think I might be a little autistic, I pick up on body language like the examples in this video, I'm not dumb, I'm very observative of people around me, but I just never follow through. I can't even remember how I got into a relationship.

    Years ago, when I lived in another state, I walked into an IHOP and met a girl. I didn't do anything to engage with her, and I looked terrible at the time. I hadn't showered in a couple of days as well. We ended up hanging out the entire day, went to a concert, and then slept together. I miss those kind of rendezvous', it was utterly bizarre and just reminded me of when I felt comfortable enough to see where things went and not think about anything going on.

  91. Jus Fresh Odin says:

    I think I've seen most of the good body language signs from one of my friends. Good that I haven't seen the bad one yet.

  92. Valentijn058 says:

    A girl has all the 11 signs towards me but she already got's a boyfriend. I am confused xD

  93. leslie Oconner says:

    I am in No Position To Have a Women at The Moment

  94. Brendle B says:

    I'm a woman and I can say this is accurate 😂

    And yall is she's cold just give her your sweatshirt or coat we love it

  95. Richard Williams says:

    Really now

  96. Fernando Star says:

    What establishes playing with hair though? Does moving her hair away from her neck and to her back playing with her hair? Or is it wrapping it on her finger? Or something else.

    Ok never I finished the video

  97. Bobby Sands says:

    What if women just use these all the time then reject the man and laugh and walk away easyily done to piss a man off.women can be evil

  98. Your Fellow Capricorn says:

    𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐅𝐔𝐋𝐋 𝐭𝐢𝐩𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐟 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 ❤️

    Ps I’m a girl so this might be twice as helpful

    1. She stares or glances at you often
    2. She tries to be too overly confident or too shy
    3. She mirrors you (so let’s say you rest your hand on your face she might mirror you and she does it too she likes you)

  99. Arnold A. Lampel says:

    I've never seen any of those 11 signs…. I guess that must be a sign then.

  100. Dojocho says:

    if you can see a girls dilated pupils in a coffee shop you are going to jail

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