10 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate – Unattractive Things Men UNKNOWINGLY Do
10 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate – Unattractive Things Men UNKNOWINGLY Do

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. today we’re showing you 10 Common Things
That Guys Do That Girls ABSOLUTELY Hate Guys let’s be real here. Sometimes we do things that aren’t very
attractive to women. Now, I’m not talking about not hitting the
gym or wearing sweatpants all day, I’m talking about the super annoying stuff
that really gets under girls skin So to help you avoid pissing her off, here
are 10 Things That Guys Do, That Girls Totally Hate. 10. SAYING “YOU’RE NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS
BECAUSE ____” Whatever you say in that blank is not only
going to make you look like a jerk, but it will also make you look like a person
who doesn’t respect other women, because think about it:
What are you actually saying? That you think other girls aren’t funny? Cool? Or easy going? And even if that’s not what you meant,
the bottom line is that girls don’t want to be compared to each other. 9. CALLING HIS EX “CRAZY” When a girl hears you call your ex “crazy” she’s going to immediately start mentally
judging you. Why? Well maybe because if you’re so fast to
call someone “crazy,” you might be in the habit of saying the same
thing about all women …Which can eventually lead to calling your
new girl crazy. And you know what? That’s probably something most women don’t
want to be called. 8. WHEN A GUY DOESN’T LAUGH OR MAKE JOKES Here’s a tip for you men out there, Women love a man with a sense of humor. So if you never laugh or crack a few good
jokes, it can look like you don’t know how to have
a good time …which is sort of depressing. Because as the old saying goes “girls just
want to have fun”. 7. WHEN YOU TEXT “HEY” BUT THEN DON’T ANSWER
FOR HOURS Guys, this one should be a no brainer. Don’t bother starting a conversation if
you’re not going to continue it. And if you think you’re playing hard to
get, you’re not. You’re just annoying your lady friend feel
and making her feel disrespected And there’s maybe no bigger deal-breaker
than disrespecting a girl. 6. NOT ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HER Listen guys, you’re not a late night talk show host,
so don’t turn your date into an interview. Like anybody, women like to talk about themselves
and if you don’t show any interest in her life,
She’s going to think you’re not really that into her as person. And if she starts to think that, she’ll
probably quickly lose interest in you as well. 5. WHEN YOU POST WHINY STATUSES ONLINE First of all, no one likes spending time around someone who complains too much,
and when a guy complains all the time on twitter, facebook, etc it’s never a good sign to
her: Being so negative in public is not only a
downer to everyone, but it’s also makes it so no one will want
to spend time with you and your negativity. 4. WHEN HE HAS BAD HYGIENE AND/OR SMELL Again, listen up because this should be a no-brainer. Men get sweaty and stinky, it happens to us all …but women love it when you put in that
extra bit effort to make yourself look good. So trim those nails, put on some cologne and
make sure you have a good deodorant. Not only are you going to smell great
but when you bring her in close she won’t forget that scent. 3. REVEALING MORE ONLINE THAN IN PERSON In any relationship, communication is key, And it goes without saying that people like
to spend a lot of their time online, But guys, don’t let your followers know
something before your girl, because it’ll make her feel completely excluded. And really, not only do you want her to feel
like she’s part of your inner circle, but you also want to be sure that she trusts
you (and telling her things first will help). 2. WHEN YOU AREN’T CLEAR ABOUT HIS INTENTIONS A little mystery is definitely not a bad thing, but unless you’re James Bond,
you don’t have to keep a lid on everything. So here’s our advice:
Be very upfront with girls about what you want. Not only will they appreciate that you’re
not wasting their time, but they’ll also be clear with you about
theirs, so you be sure you’re not wasting your time. 1. WHEN A GUY LACKS MOTIVATION Whether it’s getting fit, starting a new project or furthering your career,
every girl likes a guy with drive and motivation. So unless you want to seem lazy to women,
Playing video games in your underpants all day is not a good look. And not only will bettering yourself in some
way impress the ladies but you, and your future, will also reap the
benefits. That’s 10 Things That Guys Do That Girls
Hate. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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100 thoughts on “10 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate – Unattractive Things Men UNKNOWINGLY Do”

  1. Liam Crofton says:

    I need help

  2. Vaas AK says:

    I love video games, so fuck it .

  3. being SAIF says:

    Is it just me or these tips are really just plain stupid

  4. dinesh kumar says:

    Can you tell how to approach her or ask for relationship

  5. Kshitij Peter says:

    How many of these are gender neutral.? Instead of grooming guys to be a good obedient doggy for the girl, why not tell the girls to be verbal in the expression…. That way mis communication will be avoided…. And save a lot of resources – – time/energy/heart breaks

  6. Dr Johnson Hungwell says:

    not being a douchebag
    being considerate
    having a full-time job
    not being wanted by police
    having a car
    having a place to stay
    if you have the above your shit out of luck

  7. Daily Hits says:

    can u just write the summary of the things said in video, so that it became easy to get through n remember😊.

  8. TheWinterShadow says:

    Like the video but 7,4 and 2 are more important from my experience.7 – Just saying 'hey' and don't respond back is disrespectful and immature.4 – Body order. Speaks for itself…in this case smells for itself.2 – Definitely. It pays to be straight up and honest.The rest shows insecurity and immaturity on the females part in my opinion.

  9. Ahmed Elbouami says:

    Fuck you

  10. Raju Gupta says:

    I compared my crush with other girls. Now she isn't talking to me. Is there anything i can do to make her talk to me? Is it possible?

  11. Vault Von says:

    thus is common sense but not everyone is common.

  12. apyrrhic says:

    No 7 is wrong

  13. hot nation kmd says:

    Im new but I love ur videos I'm a new subscriber

  14. hot nation kmd says:

    R u a human

  15. superglidemustang says:

    I'm 39, live at home with my mom and eat my dinner on a " TV Table " while watching Seinfeld Re-runs…  I can't understand it. I'm such a good catch !

  16. soliD nolliD says:

    What if playing video games is my career?

  17. Donnie Luc says:

    Personally, I avoid texting. A poor form of communication & very often leads to misunderstandings.. hold on, someone is texting me gotta run.

  18. Kikobear says:

    This is my most favorite youtube channel

  19. Lavalambtron says:

    Or how to be a little slave to her wishes, but maybe gene replication makes it worth.

  20. Naman Kumar says:

    Knowing about girl and cracking jokes is most important.But saying a girl you are not like other girls can also make a girl feel more special.

  21. Flip The WIEw - by Samyak Shah says:

    Point 1 – Lacks motivation.
    If a person lacked motivation, he won't be liked enough and the person who has enough motivation hasn't got the time to date (not necessarily though).

  22. Arup Jena says:

    If woman have that much of self igo.. why they sell their body for money

  23. Justin Carroll says:

    girls are attracted to hot guys but will never date them because all girls been hurt so ugly guys always get them

  24. Ricky El Diablo says:

    Haha go fuck yourself, girls never reply when we want them to

  25. ferkemall says:

    Girls don't like paying for thir half of the dinner or drinks bill if you have your own car they don't want to pay their share of the gas bill but they do know of lots of nice places to go ,they are not going to pick you up they want you to pick them up if you want equality ladies pay your half !

  26. Sp Ghost says:

    I have absolutely no motivation to improve myself, I'm already great.

  27. ChaoticEvilCanary says:

    My crush knows my ex is crazy, she worked with her. But I never actually called my ex crazy around her or said anything disrespectful about my ex to her.

  28. jackfavvv says:

    What if I'm motivated in playing video games, but not just in my underpants?

  29. MetalForTheMasses says:

    3:41 DEFINITELY goes both ways!

  30. 파트리모니움 says:

    if you compare this with the video about nice guy, this one self-contradicts itself. I mean, making no sense at all. So, what advice do I have to follow?

  31. Mike90 susanoo says:

    For how women like to talk about themselves, I'd rather not share much things about myself because it's better to have some mystery

  32. Rayhaan Williams says:

    Mus respect wamen

  33. Frost fn says:

    I smell good

  34. mickor says:

    My ex was crazy, and yeah – I'm wearing sweatpants right now.

  35. mark cassidy says:

    Thank you for uploading.I am now fully armed on how to completely piss women off.Great work.

  36. roflmows says:

    I'm SO happy I got married young…now that I'm 37, I can play video games in my boxers and sleep late and complain on social media as much as I want, without caring about any of this stuff 😎

    Forget those fast-ass bitches who think they're God's gift to mankind. Beautiful and toxic. Insecure. Disloyal. Flighty. You really wanna waste time dealing with THAT shit?

    Guys, just find a nice chubby sweet girl who cooks well and has a good heart, get married, settle down…and you'll be happy forever.

    You'll never have to worry about guys chasing her, you'll eat like a king, she'll be a great mom, and she'll love staying in and snuggling on cold nights. Who could ask for anything more out of life? 😀

  37. Greg Demeter says:

    Listen, you talk like it's a One Way Street…….better not, or else! What kind of Steaming Pile is that? You are making women look unintelligent, or worse, lacking common sense…..if I can't just be Me, then, She might NOT be good enough for Me! Point Blank! Am I right, or wrong?

  38. G Weezy says:

    "We" ? Who is we?

  39. Talayar Mein says:

    Well Shit… I fucked up.

  40. Gabe Del Toro says:

    Wow. I feel like such a worthless piece of shit after watching this video.

  41. Steve Peters says:

    So stalking is frowned upon????lmmfao.. so all this hiding in the bushes stuff is not considered true love!! All joking aside why can't women approach a man this is after all th 21st century

  42. yarpen26 says:

    I don't do any of these things and still no success. It's always so easy, just follow a bunch of tips. But they won't cover the fact that you simply feel insecure talking to another person, not just a girl. If you are a guy with social anxiety issues and thus no friends, getting a girlfriend is nigh-impossible. People neglect the fact how much of a turn-off for women it is to see a guy outside a company of friends.

  43. Angel Tapia says:


  44. Alexei Rogue says:

    cool vid

  45. kentucky 82 says:

    I find girls get pissed when they use my bathroom and find porn mags by the toilet, gotta have good reading material by the toilet

  46. Mike Whitaker says:

    things guys do that women hate…
    #1… existing
    #2… saying anything
    #3… not playing headgames with her
    #4… playing headgames with her
    #5… picking any other girl over her… for ANY reason
    #6… not treating them like a queen
    #7… treating them like a queen
    #8… being a man
    #9… not being a man "even if your male"
    #10. go back to number 1 and start over….

  47. AnnoyingAnimator says:

    comfort her comfort her comfort her ,maybe bowl sometime,this video is shit

  48. Alecia_Always says:

    I do things to spite them

  49. dialingdust says:

    sorry but these days the main question I want to ask is how old she is, cause when a 30+ yr old woman can put on some stuff to make look like she's fucking 16 or 17 and 15-17yr olds can put on stuff to make them look 23-26. But you can't ask there age cause for some damn reason it's inappropriate there's big damn problem.

  50. Cor Tromp says:

    he he i ply video games in my under pants every day but but wil women realy hate meh i am trying to become top kek pro game and make a living like this having les cloths on and just the underpants is a must to bee good gamer

  51. James Akerton says:

    #1 thing I found girls hate is chasing them or showing them your interested in them. ..I'm talking about overdoing it.

    The way to grab them is to show them slight interest and let them do the chasing. You're welcome!

  52. Christine Plymouth says:

    Girls hate it when we expose ourselves in public or pee behind a dumpster.

  53. Christine Plymouth says:

    Most women don't want to be called crazy because most women ARE crazy.

  54. Maxg 1998 says:

    This video is kinda wrongm. If your good looking. You can do all that stuff they say don't do. It your average looking then yeah. They won't come after u

  55. dave johnson says:


  56. gustav ericson says:

    Dates are just a fucking interview if u have money and stuff

  57. gustav ericson says:

    Guys are a atm machine and a sperm doner to women now adays

  58. Darth Vandal says:

    1st rule: ALL girls are crazy. The real qestion is how much crazy you're able to accept in your life?

  59. S lovinamerica says:

    U r not like other girls, u talk too much.

  60. Andy Dany says:

    This is a very impressive channel.

  61. I_Just_Want_To_Comment says:

    it soo turn off when your bf talk bad about his ex or always talk about how good his ex is. Don't do both. If you do, I take is as you don't respect your girl and you still can't move on

  62. dor avraham says:

    you say dont be a host and no interview and then u tell to ask about her . you contradict yourself..

  63. chapinrey says:

    I never agreed with one thing that constantly comes up on these kind of videos. Why is a man supposed to make a woman laugh ? Or entertain her as if the man is supposed to be some kind of a clown , or comedian ? Personally I never used this , and I have many women to choose from . I hate when women say …I love a man who can make me laugh . Please WTF ! This is not for an alpha male cause am not your clown , I dislike clowns . Am not going on a date to lower myself and make you laugh and entertaing you. I am more in to a good inteligent conversation .

  64. Fernando Serico says:

    This video clearly shows how neurotic and over-thinker most women are LOL

    Edit: and self centered

  65. Yizzy Roger says:

    Hhhhha what I would rather stop trying than being called whamen disrespectful douche

  66. Bigg Dogg says:

    I don't give a fuck about #8……she going to have to live with out.

  67. Nathan Toth says:

    Thank you for sharing video.

  68. Johnathan Jackson Jr says:

    Women are the most powerful creatures on the planet. Will use their looks, vagina intelligence to manipulate & control weak-minded men.

  69. Rainy Dayz says:

    A L L G U Y S W I T H S I X P A C K S A N D M U S C L E S…

    Regard all of the stuff this vid said bc women will still like you regardless of these things. (Which is idiotic of them) 😂

  70. HappyandAtheist says:

    1) exist

  71. Be My Trophy says:

    Don't say anything bad about any woman ever. They have the RIGHT to be the way they are as women, because they have feelings and by that are the center of human value.
    YOU are the one who has to change in order to accomodate HER needs.
    The only way you can be of any human value at all, is by being of value to what IS valuable – to women.

    This is why a man who ever hits a woman under any circumstances, even in self defense, is a worthless pig that should be eradicated, but when you cheat on her and she kicks you in the balls or cuts your dick off, or for any other reason she deems appropriate, it's gurlpower.

    This is why women who cheat on men basically do nothing wrong. He is only worth as much as he is worth to her, thereby she doesn't violate any value, when she decides to cheat on him.
    He clearly should have simply been better. He's only got himself to blame.

    Rules for men:

    Don't cry about anything that concerns YOU or matters to YOU, that's unmanly. But be compassionate when she cries about stupid shit, otherwise you're unmanly.

    Don't be so sensitive, pussy. Always have compassion with her and know what she thinks, asshole. That's fair because women are more sensitive. Also, saying that women are more sensitive is sexist.

    Always be direct and honest, know what you want. Don't use allusions and hints. That's not how a man behaves or thinks.
    Also, always be in tune with her allusions and hints. Remember, she is more vulnerable and sensitive than you, because she is just as strong. Also, she is not more vulnerable and sensitive than you. Still, it's always your fault if there's a problem in communication between you and her. Because men and women are equal.

    Don't care too much about your hair and appearance, that's unmanly. But notice every little thing about her appearance and her hair, because otherwise you are a pig.

    Laugh about yourself, even if you're really hurt, and especially if she's laughing at you, because otherwise you're a pussy. Call an ambulance, light a candle and learn to play the violine, so you can play a sad song, when she stubs her toe. Don't call her a pussy, pussy.

    Be in tune and have empathy with her emotions. Also, don't feel those exact same emotions YOURSELF when YOU are in the same situation. That's unmanly.

    Take her out on expensive dates, because that's what a man does. Don't expect her to cook for you, just because she is a woman, that's sexist.

    If she is in any danger, don't hesitate to throw your life away to save her. It is an honor to die for a vagina, and it's mens job to die for them. Remember she doesn't exist FOR YOU, misogynist pig.

    You should always be mentally stronger than any given women, otherwise you're not a man. Don't ever say men are stronger than women, that's sexist.

    Never fail at anything, that's not manly. If you do, don't complain about her nagging, because you deserve it. If a woman fails, be there to catch her and take care of her. It's ok, failing is human. Also, don't ever say that men are more achieving or ambitious than women. That's sexist.

    Be better than women at everything. Don't pretend like you're better than women at anything. Don't be proud of being better at something. Let her make fun of you if you're not good at something. Don't ever make fun of her for anything.

    Don't assume that she wears make-up and fancy clothes FOR YOU. She does it for herself. Also, you owe her because she wears make-up and fancy clothes for you. But not for you, unless she can profit from saying so. Not. Except she does. Not. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Both are true and not true at the same time, depending on whatever she feels at that moment should be right. Don't have a consistent being of your own. Be consistent in constantly accomodating to HER needs instead. That's your only purpose and reason to exist.

    …. I could write a whole book about this. But I don't, because I know how unmanly saying anything I think or feel is.

  72. Visions of the Rapture says:

    This video seems way too self centered

  73. Mr savage cloud says:

    Your ring saying we're posting our problems on social media I can't go 1 seqond without seeing a girls problem on it

  74. Mr savage cloud says:

    Pretymuch this is all things girls do and we have to put up with

  75. Craig Nelson says:

    I'm sick of trying to impress women, who cares what they want, all they have is beauty. That fades when they 40 anyway. And there vaginas look like they have been hit with an Axe, and it won't heal. Err. According to Sigmund Freud, women are hysterical, and hate all men, because they don't have a penis, they constantly campaign about female rights?? And try to destroy men constantly, All because they have penis envy. Its all in there heads. 😵

  76. Savana Aman says:

    I agree with #2, 3, 6, 7 !!! guys should never talk about themselves more than the girl they're interested in, it'll look like they are more interested in securing a permanent audience rather than knowing the girl 'they claim to want'

  77. Humayoun Aziz.stalkers says:

    Now i see why i dont have a girlfriend

  78. Am Batman says:

    You women want your men to treat you like a queen? Than you better treat them like Gods.

  79. Am Batman says:

    I am mystery, I don’t have bad history. But am Batman
    Deal with it ladies

  80. Barrin Masterwizard says:


  81. peter chez says:

    this video is one sided, so i am not interested

  82. Agrim Khare says:

    What when girls say boys that they aren't like other guys?
    What when they call their ex crazy??

  83. Toyota AE86 says:

    My crush hates everything about me and I don't even know why…

  84. zayfaneto says:

    Tf she don’t respond to me for hours tf you mean stupid Biiiiatch.

  85. T I says:

    Masterbate and flared herpes

  86. Travis Tubbs says:

    What if the truth is your x is crazy??? Should you lie???

  87. Iscea ÒGradeigh says:

    so don't agree with any of this.

  88. Dani K says:

    Now make a a video about 10 thinks women do that men don’t like. Wait that would be sexist.

  89. Dani K says:

    Yes!!!! I learned 10 things to piss off women. Thanks

  90. The Rhythm says:

    This wouldn’t be relevant if we hadn’t retired the pimp hand.

  91. Patrick bennett` says:

    1 thing guys hate that girls do is, act like they are gonna give up the pussy but kinda take way too long. fuckin super annoying cant deal with that . get the f outta here lol

  92. Oliver Bos says:

    Being a true Christian is a thing that gold digger feminist girls all hate.

  93. ლელა ყოლბაია says:

    when i play roblox some girls say this


  94. Gentleman Josh says:

    I've often felt that the reason why I can't get a woman is cos I'm not cute enough but she just mentioned humour and although I do have a sense of humour it's very dirty cos it's a very school boyish humour that I have and a lot of women aren't into that filth so I can work on using other kinds of humour to embrace my chances on getting a girlfriend.

  95. PREM SAYS says:

    I agree with last and the most imp thing

  96. shivam mishra says:

    Now i think PUBG is better than a girlfriend😂

  97. Kay Shamrock says:

    Honestly, I personally don't have a problem with a guy who plays video games, as long as that's not the only thing he's showing any attention to, or if we play together, because quite a few girls enjoy video games too (myself included). Just please, show your girl some attention too, if she's getting mad at you for playing video games all day, the real reason is usually that you aren't actually spending any time with her.

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    These are quotes from movies

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  100. AJ Ford-Arausa says:

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