10 random  things THEY don’t want you to know (Pt2/2)
10 random things THEY don’t want you to know (Pt2/2)

The chem-trails are not produced by planes, they are produced by genetically modified super-birds The secret bio-labs of the governments of the most powerful nations of the world have created a new species of birds that can fly into the ionosphere at the speed of an airplane. The birds fly in storms of hundreds and their feathers reflect sunlight so that they are invisible to the human eye and radars. The bio-engineered birds, once reached a certain altitude, release an intestinal gaseous compound which, mixing with the ozone of the atmosphere, turns into a substance that, once absorbed by human skin, make people’s armpits sweat and stink and therefore make people more prone to accept the new world’s order because they feel uncomfortable to raise up their arms and fists to protest. There is a world conspiracy of the inhabitants of the center of the hollow Earth to sully the conspiracies conspired by the good old strong global powers so that no one can tell anymore whether a conspiracy is an actual conspiracy or instead a conspiracy of a conspiracy, and therefore the lobby of the conspiracy movies, owned by the people of the hollow Earth, have always enough new fuzzy material for screenplays and plots in general so that Nicholas Cage, who possibly looks exactly like the king of the people of the hollow Earth, can shoot another crappy film. After the 5 there is actually the 10. The 6-7-8 and 9 sequence has been introduced only in 1931 by NASA to make the count-downs more intense so to dramatize the lift-off procedures and increase the TV-ratings to get more money from the commercials. And these were the last ones of “10 random things THEY don’t want you to know”. Heads up folks, and remember “the truth is out there” lookin’ for steamy hookups on Tinder…

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