10 Body Language Tricks to Make Her Chase You – How to Attract Girls Without Talking to Them
10 Body Language Tricks to Make Her Chase You – How to Attract Girls Without Talking to Them

Gentlemen today we’re giving you 10 body
language tricks that you can use to get just about any girl to go after you… Most guys find out that even when they’re
pretty good at talking to girls, There’s a whole lot more to it than that. And most of the time a major part of what’s
missing… …Is a fundamental lack of body language
awareness. But it’s not just that some guys don’t
have the kind of body language that appeals to women,
It’s that the body language they do have… makes girls bored, uninterested, or nervous. But don’t worry! Because today we’re showing how you too,
can have the charismatic, confident, unignorable body language that girls are naturally attracted
to. While also letting you in one bad body language
habit that turns women away. Let’s get into it. 10. Fluid Eye Contact Even when it seems like you’ve got everything going for you,
poor or overly-managed eye contact can sabotage your efforts and ruin your chance at talking
to a girl. In other words, if you want your eye contact
to tell a girl that you’re cool and she can talk to you,
You’ve got to be fluid AKA, your eye contact can’t look rehearsed. And luckily, we’ve got trick for that:
If your goal is to put a girl at ease and get her to talk to you, look her dead in the
pupils, smile, and look away. You may be thinking, Mantelligence, in the
pupils? That’s a little strong. C’mon. But really,
it achieves the perfect balance by doing 2 things:
First, by targeting the pupil and smiling, as opposed to just the “eyes” guarantees
you make deliberate and friendly eye contact. And second, because you look away, you don’t
seem too intense. Give it a shot. 9. De-Shell Do you work at a desk? Sit a lot? Look at your phone often? Then listen up. Because your shoulders… …Are telling girls loud and clear that you
not only have poor posture, but that you might even be a little intimidated
by people around you. The worst part is that most guys are not that
closed off, They just don’t know that their day to day
life is literally making them look like they’re hiding in a shell, and that it’s turning
off women. So here’s the 1 step process to coming out
of your shell and getting women to come after you… If you’re going to be using body language
to attract women you better start paying attention to them. Just pull your shoulders back and keep them
there. That’s it! It’ll be uncomfortable at first,
But simply holding this posture will strengthen the muscles of your back
and permanently create that cornerstone confidence girls look for. 8. Stand Bold A lot can be deduced from simply observing the way someone stands. To attract women, you’ve got to have a stance
that signals confidence and strength. So here’s how you should stand:
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. This will help you to make yourself seem “big”. Lock your shoulders back like we just mentioned. Pretend almost like your shirt is still on
its hanger in the closet. Keep your chin up and as much as possible,
Leave your arms at your side. Put it all together and you’ve got a killer
stance that’ll not only make you stand out But’ll get girls coming your way without
you doing anything else. 7. Play Your Hand No matter what you’re doing, always seek to be viewed as open or approachable. And one easy way to do that:
Is to have your palms exposed, even just a little bit. Just like some of the other body language
tricks we’re sharing with you today, Showing a girl your palms is perfect for putting
her at ease and getting her attention without saying anything. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to just
stand with your palms out, cause…that would be a little weird,
But if you can work in some open, palms-up hand gestures as you’re talking or interacting,
You’ll have girls heading naturally gravitating towards you. 6. Show Your Bias Not only do ladies know that guys check them out, But in the right time and the right place,
they are looking for it and hoping guys do. If this sounds like a nice guy problem,
It is. Nice guys will go places where girls expect
guys to be a little more open, a little more forward,
And instead of showing their intentions, they end up looking out of place by not making
a move. But here’s what to do instead:
First of all, remember that in certain social situations, girls want a guy to be flirtatious. After that,
Let the girl you’re interested in see you checking her out, and smile when she does. Hey if you like our stuff, keep watching! Because we’ve got 5 more body language tricks
to attract women without even talking to them And the one thing that gets women to turn
the other way. Let’s keep going! 5. Fight the Fidget A guy that is constantly moving about and fidgeting will be seen as nervous and out
of control. This isn’t the vibe you want to give off
as a first impression. Because it’s so widespread,
A guy who makes controlled, collected movements will automatically lure women his way. Here’s how you can start practicing: Think
about James Bond. Seriously. You think you see that guy fidget? Slowing down your movements convey directness
because they are more calculated and have purpose. You’ll appear more certain and it’ll show
everyone around that you are more comfortable in your environment
And it helps to create a bit of intrigue and mystery. However, just remember not to slow down too
much. You don’t want to be seen as the weird guy
that moves in slow motion. How weird is that?! 4. Fix Yourself Here’s another across-the-room trick you can do to get girls coming your way. Ladies notice everything you do no matter
how small or insignificant you might think it is. She will notice if you’re fixing your clothes
when you’re around her and doing this will easily signify that you are interested in
her Simply because you are grooming yourself to
ensure you stand out and appear attractive. Not only does it show her that you care about
your appearance, But it also keeps her from guessing if you’re
interested or not. And that’s the whole point! So don’t be afraid to let her see you fixing
your hair or straightening your shirt for her, if it comes across naturally,
She can only be flattered that you’re trying to look your best for her. 3. Space Out Even though we’re evolved, we’re still guided by some pretty primitive social dynamics. And one of the most ancestral behaviors,
Is taking up space. Now we know what you’re thinking,
No, not manspreading. All we’re talking about, is taking up a
little slice, the small bit of territory, that you need to be comfortable. There are two halves to this that women notice. First, they’ll notice that you did not try
to dominate and take more than you need. As fun as that might be,
9/10 women are not gonna like it. The flipside, though,
is that they also want to see that you kept enough space to be comfortable. And that part of it, is extremely important. So put your keys and phone on the table, lean
back in your seat, and don’t shrink into a space that’s too small for you. It’s not rude and as simple as it seems,
this sends a clear signal of cooperation and confidence that women can’t look away from. Looking for more body language strategies
to get girls coming to you? We did a whole video that you can see right
here. 2. The Welcome Walk So it’s a wonderful day, and you’re taking a cool stroll through the park. You notice this guy walking
But.. his head is down and hands are in his pocket. What would be your initial impression of this
guy? Of course! He’s stressed or overwhelmed and more importantly…
he’s unapproachable. If you want to seem approachable, stick your
chest out and bring your shoulders back. This posture shows woman what they’re most
attracted to- confidence! It’s that easy. If you observe just about any celebrity, rock-star
or champion you’ll notice that they always walk this way,
And there’s no reason why it won’t work for you too. 1. Mirror Her Moves Let’s say a woman makes her move towards you. You either hold your ground and make her nervous,
or you can seize the moment and use the opportunity to send some non-verbal flirtation her way. Sound like something you’d want to do? Mirroring is a completely silent, body language-based
method of getting a girl to keep looking at you. It works like this:
Say you catch a girl from across the room and she fixes her hair, the chances are… That you’ll automatically, without thinking
about it, fix something on yourself. Now, while most of mirroring will actually
happen on its own You can use it to build a sense of familiarity
with a girl, that will get her to come talk to you. If you want to be able to get girls to come
up to you, without even talking to them,
there’s one body language no-no that needs to be avoided:
Crossing your arms. You already knew not to do this, but if you’re
like most guys, You still end up doing it anyway. Crossed arms are such a problem because more
than anything else, They send a clear signal of do not approach. When girls see them, it’s almost like they
have no choice, But to just give up talking to you, even if
they’re interested. Those are 10 body language tips to get girls
chasing you. And while you’re here, why not check out
these other powerful videos? These are perfect follow-ups to today’s

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