10 Alpha Male Body Language Tricks EVERY Guy Should Do TODAY
10 Alpha Male Body Language Tricks EVERY Guy Should Do TODAY

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you 10 Alpha Male Body Language Tricks. When you break it down being alpha is about two things: 1. Showing other guys you’re not threatened by them, and more importantly, 2. Showing girls that you’re the real deal and not just another imitator. To help you achieve alpha status, today we’re showing you the top 10 body language tricks of the modern Alpha Male. And because we don’t want your efforts to become more alpha backfire against you, we’re also showing you the #1 way guys accidentally appear weak when they’re trying to be more dominant. Alright let’s get into it. 10. Set The Pace The number of differences between alphas and non-alphas are many, but the first one most people notice is always, always… the walk. When guys are nervous, it often shows up in a quick, short-stepping, frantic kind of walk… The type of walk that tells people, “see ya later!” But not because they’ve got anywhere to be. Contrast that with the movement of the calm and unhurried alpha male, The guy who moves like the world runs on his schedule and like he’s in control of time itself.
Now before you start thinking, “alright, all i’ve gotta do is just make sure to walk slow and keep people waiting” Hold up! Because the idea isn’t just to move slow no matter what, It’s to walk in a way that naturally gets people, including girls, To change their speed, and match yours. See the difference? 9. Take The Throne Tell us if you haven’t seen this before, guy sitting down, Hunched over, shoulders shrugged to his ears, his chest sunken in, And possibly looking like there’s something interesting happening on his phone. Kind of a familiar sight, right? Truth be told, most guys probably sit like that these days and don’t even know it, which is too bad Because that’s the kind of posture that’s way more likely to have girls wondering if everything is okay. Now look at our alpha: Leaning back comfortably, relaxed, while maintaining the potential for conversation with anybody who wants to talk. He’s mellow, he’s considerate of others, but he also never fails to send the signals that show he’s in his seat. Want to get in the alpha zone? Try getting comfortable with this classic position: Assuming you’ve got the space,
cross your right ankle over your left knee, lean back, rest your arm up behind you and watch the whole landscape change. 8. Open Your Chest Along with not slouching in your seat Your grandma was spot-on about one other big part about being but standing the right way If you look closely Dominant unafraid guys all have a tendency to stand a certain way and it’s that posture that allows them to create a real natural Commanding presence for themselves wherever they go. It’s not threatening. It’s not defensive and it’s not supposed to be aggressive It’s mostly just open now There are a lot of ways you can create a natural down for whatever stance, but there’s one Super useful trick to really make it count as you’re talking to people or even just as you’re walking put your hands behind your back Now without getting too scientific a person’s chest is one of the more vulnerable parts of the human body So by placing your hands behind your back and grabbing your wrist with your other hand You leave yourself open to anything and subconsciously show everyone that you’re not registering any threats See what that does? 7. Level The First Impression You’ve heard it before a firm handshake speaks volumes on who you are as a man, even when it comes to women but what a lot of guys don’t get is that there’s a lot more to a proper handshake than just squeezing the heck out of The other person’s hand. Well, it’s true. You don’t want a lazy Hut noodle handshake. You also don’t want to Overcompensate by shaking too hard because as with any other physical contact the true way to show confidence is really by showing control So real quick here Here’s how to master the shake while looking the other guy or girl in the eye Extend your hand out and let them come to you next grab their hand firmly but again Be careful not to squeeze too hard then shake no more than three times up and down and while shaking don’t forget to smile Oh and be sure to say something 6. Display Control Here we go. A big part of alpha male body language is how alphas physically engage with other people more specifically how they physically engage with girls done right touches the ultimate demonstration of the three C’s of a true alpha male the Confidence chemistry and comfort done wrong and you could be straight sent to the jail block or even worse the beta block But we get it The reason a lot of guys don’t touch girls is because they don’t want to risk creeping out the girl that they like But the problem is and the reason why touching works, so well for alphas is precisely because there’s risk involved think about it. Sure It’s just a touch but there’s a lot to get wrong which a lot of guys do So when a girl sees a guy who’s perceptive enough to know how and how not to touch her She also sees a guy with a good sense of how to deal with risk and how to handle her trust Okay. Are you wondering how you can safely incorporate touch? Like an alpha here are two ways to get you started first if you’ve talked to her before Go for a quick hug If you run into her again show her you’re friendly after that simply follow her lead and mirror her touch if she touches you 5. Style Amplification We know not exactly body language but a big part of being alpha is how your style stands out from the crowd Notice that we said your style not your friends style not a celebrity style your style This is important like body language Your style does a huge amount of talking for you And we don’t have to tell you but yes girls do pay attention to how you dress So the importance of knowing what’s in style and what looks good can’t be understated but knowing is only half the battle What you do with that information is what matters because where most guys learn about style in order to fit in Alphas use their style to stand out pretty important difference right as with everything alpha sila is about being smart about it too stray Too far from the norm and you might be considered too hard to relate to to even be considered an alpha but on the other Hand you always stay with the pack. You’ll never get seen wonder what will really make you stand out from other guys Check out this video Hey If you regularly watch me intelligence keep watching because we’ve got four more alpha male body language tricks coming right up and at the end Of this video. We’re showing you the number one most common mistake guys make to accidentally reveal that they’re still not alpha Okay Let’s get back into them! 4. Message Consistency Being able to speak without saying anything is at the core of what it means to be alpha In fact, it might be dis kill alone. That makes girls respond to some guys so much more than others as you know by now Nonverbal communication is a huge turn-on for any girl. It’s the basis for everything when it comes to flirting and without it It’s not pill battle no matter how awesome you are Chemistry comfort even showing off your sense of humor all begin without you saying a word Thankfully the key to mastering nonverbal Communication with a girl is simple because all you got to do is match what you’re expressing through your face with what you’re actually thinking Seems easy enough, right? well Not so fast because there are plenty of reasons why the expression on a guy’s face Might not reflect what he’s thinking and then number one reason is because he’s trying to appear confident when he’s actually not feeling that confident So tying that back to being an alpha male You can see why it’s something that they do and because they’re confident. This part really comes. 3. The No Bluff Buff What’s better-looking strong or being strong might depend on who you ask? But if there’s one thing that brings you closer to being an alpha a hundred percent of the time it’s to actually be strong What we mean when we say being strong is to have a body that truly has some power to it Instead of one that only looks like it and it’s the presence of real physical power Instead of just the appearance of it that makes any guy seem like the baddest dude in the room So what should you focus on if you want real power? Well, there may be nothing more hotly debated But any exercise that work your explosive power and the ability to move heavy weights are guaranteed to make you look and feel Alpha to guys and girls all day long. 2. The Challenge We’ve covered how alpha sit how they walk and how they speak without saying a word now Let’s talk about how they do eye contact eye contact haven’t we talked about that enough by now? Not quite because this time we’re gonna show you how alphas are the Masters of eye contact While other guys tend to struggle with it more it all starts with that little old thing called the fight-or-flight response You’ve probably heard of it But what you might not be aware of is how heavily this instinct plays into every single interaction you have Including eye contact and as you can probably guess Alpha males are better about not Fleeing from that first sign of eye contact from a girl and it’s that exact instinct to hold their gaze for a second and acknowledge Eye contact from a girl that gives them a huge leg up Number one to proof an alpha can’t be an alpha without being a leader right? Well, that’s true But the dynamics are actually way more complicated than that because while plenty of guys know They should try to take the leadership role alphas are special in that they’re automatically perceived to be the leader by the group It’s almost like gravity. They could not be the leader if they tried. It’s just a natural role for them Just like it’s natural for people around them to have no problem yielding to that leadership. Now this brings us to a common question What if an on alpha wants to be the leader around an alpha? Well, the only thing to do is to fake it until you make it instead of fading into the background You’ve got to come to the forefront of any situation a classroom your office and event. Whatever and by just putting yourself out there and making yourself known it will quickly change the minds of those around you and eventually Transform you into the Alpha yourself. The number one thing guys do to be an accidental beta and finally here It is the number one thing guys do to show that they might actually be a beta male while there are many Giveaways that a guy might be a beta the number one thing by far is negativity Now there’s a difference between expressing some satisfaction and living and negativity where an alpha rolls with the punches A beta tends to blame the world for his problems Complaining about how bad his life is and always making excuses for why he has it rough an alpha However has a natural aversion to saltiness and instead of defensively trashing other guys Speaks as highly of others as he may think highly of himself Guys, there are 10 alpha male body language tricks that you can use today. And while you’re here, why not? Check out these other awesome videos. The one on the top has been hand selected just for you

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