#070: Landscape Photography: Going M4/3rds with Olympus OM-D E-M1 mk2
#070: Landscape Photography: Going M4/3rds with Olympus OM-D E-M1 mk2

Hello and thanks for joining me again. As
you can see this morning I’m down at Llanddwyn Island, down here for a couple
of reasons: one is that there’s a bunch of photographers due down here in a while
so there’s a couple of people I’d like to say hello to. The other will become apparent
very shortly so I’ve got a couple of asked me anything’s to cover off in a
moment and funnily enough I had a comment in from a nice gentleman called
Philip Culbertson and he said I really like your ask me anything series but why
don’t you do some while you’re out on location so Philip this one’s for you
I’m out on location but before I get to my answers I’ve got something that I
want to have a chat with you about it’s something that I haven’t covered at all
in my vlogs up till now and that’s the equipment that I use and by that I mean
my stills equipment and the camera that I was
using was a Nikon d50 500 crop sensor and about six months ago I found that I
was kind of reaching the limits of its capabilities
one of the things that I’m always really keen to do is to travel as light as
possible when you get to my age and you’ve got a gammy leg the most
important thing about your landscape photography is being able to get into
the landscape and so if I equipped myself with the finest photographic
equipment I would struggle to get it out to where it needs to be to capture the
images I want to capture so I thought about what my options were and it came
down to a choice of two completely new camera systems and it was actually quite
an easy win for the one that I chose it came down to the Fuji XT three which
fantastic camera absolutely no problem with the quality at all the fact that
it’s a crop sensor no issue for me whatsoever
I don’t print big so it doesn’t matter but it still would have required a
couple of pretty chunky pieces of glass and I really really really wanted to be
able to walk around with one do-it-all lens but that gives me the quality that
I need so the question was what’s going to do that for me and the answer is the
olympus om-d e-m1 mark ii with the 12 to 100 olympus lens this camera is built
like a tank it’s weather sealed really rugged so it’s going to be perfect for
the sort of lack of respect I’m going to show it and I actually struggled I
worked really hard over several months researching my buying decision I really
struggled to find much in the way of specifically landscape reviews of this
camera and lens combination and that surprised me because when you’re out
backpacking which is what a lot of landscape photographers tend to do a lot
of a sensible not stupidly heavy weight it’s not light I mean it still weighs a
kilo with this glass so a couple of pounds the difference is though that’s
all I need I’m only gonna have one lens hello oh
dear that would be on the blooper reel anyway as I was saying I didn’t want to
have a whole bunch of glass I love walking around with a camera either on a
strap or on a belt pouch so that when I see some interesting light and I’m
halfway up tenner over when I can go click and not be thinking oh if only I
had my long lens on well I’ll take my backpack off I’ll get it all out I’ll
get it said oh well I might as well set the tripod up while I’m at it the other
thing about this particular camera is the image stabilization system is
legendary I took an image last night in my room as
I was playing around with it I’ve only had it a day a four-second
handheld image pin-sharp I couldn’t believe it so I’m hopeful that the
images that I used to grab with my old camera that were tidy compositions but
technically not very good that I’ll be actually able to get something that I
could be a bit more proud of so I’ve got a couple of thank-yous about the the
purchase of this camera before I go any further
the first thank-you is to the lovely mrs. G because she was good enough to
allow me to blow a huge wad on this particular camera system so thank you
the lovely mrs. G the second thank you are to the people that sold me this
camera I went to a lovely little family-run business in : bay called
Cambria and photography if you’re anywhere near North Wales and you want
any sort of photographic equipment and service with a smile and all sorts of
help I highly recommend them but let me be a bit more specific than that
it’s easy to say oh yeah they’re nice people shop there when I got the sealed
olympus box home yesterday morning there was no battery in it I rang the shop and
said mmm unfortunately there’s no battery in my box what they said was we
are really sorry about that mr. Griffis we know you’ve driven an hour to come
and pick it up specially don’t worry we’ll send someone round with it oh and
by the way we’ll throw in a freebie by way of apology seriously I mean you’re
never going to get anything like that sort of customer service from your
average camera shop so thank you cambrie and photography and you have my very
strong recommendation so I’ve got a new camera system I haven’t taken any images
apart from that one hand-held test image except that I was here a bit earlier on
for sunrise there wasn’t one but I did put it on a tripod and take
the classic photograph of Tour de mal Atlanta in Ireland
and that was my second reason for coming here today very specifically what I was
after was the first image with this camera system to be my local iconic shot
now unfortunately I haven’t picked the best conditions to take my new camera
out for its inaugural test shot I would have been up on the headland for the
classic landing island composition the one that you may have seen me capture
when I was here back in August on that day I was taking advantage of the
sunrise and the FIH Peninsula over on the far side there and making the most
of those mountains in addition to tour mouths no chance of doing that today you
can barely see the mainland so my composition is slightly lower down to
take advantage of the pathway as the leading line and then to try and pull
some drama out of the sky in post the image itself I expect to be really
straightforward I’m all set up here with my composition I’m shooting f11 the
landscape photographers standard aperture it’s going to give me a shutter
speed of approximately half a second which is no problem at all I’ve got my
ISO set on the low setting which on this camera is actually 64 so here we go the
very first landscape shot with my new camera let’s see how it turns out bingo let’s have a cup of coffee and
answer a couple of questions and then hopefully my fellow photographers should
pitch up I’m gonna have a big chinwag I’ll also see if I can test out the
stabilization on this and get a few handhelds on the way home which as you
know is something I’m keen to do let’s have some questions first question from
David Williams again thank you David David often sends questions in and I’m
very grateful for that because I really enjoy talking about photography David
says can you tell me more about how you use your drone well the short answer is
yes I absolutely can but I would if I may like to do that on a separate video
because I think it warrants it wants a short video in itself so bear with me
David I’ll get that done for you as soon as I
can second question from Carrie Liana who is a brand-new vlogger
she’s based in Hawaii of all places jealous much she’s done one vlog so far
check out her channel it’s an interesting blog and she apologizes for
no audio but the b-roll that she gets is really nice and the interesting to see
what she makes of her channel Carol IANA asks what are three photography goals
that you’d like to accomplish in 2019 that’s a really good question okay so
the first two I’ve already accomplished because I’ve been thinking about it
since way before New Year get a new really really top quality
camera system for those super sharp images and get a system that’s really
lightweight and you only have to have one lens so that’s all that nicely taken
care of the third one actually relates to where I am there’s an image of the
tower that’s available in August of the Milky Way coming straight out of it
almost vertically and at that time of year the
galactic core is about five degrees above the horizon at three o’clock in
the morning on pretty much every morning where there’s no cloud cover at that
time of year there’ll be a row of photographers twenty or thirty of them
up on the hilltop there I didn’t come down here last year partly because my
equipment wasn’t up to it but I’m determined to prove that I can do that
with a micro four-thirds and the people that say you need a full frame and low
noise well we’ll see how I get on it’ll be a multiple image stack of course but
I’m determined to prove you can pull it off with a micro four-thirds last
question from Roger Steele and thank you very much Roger for writing in are you
able to describe how you match up your remote voice recording and your video
recordings so accurately it’s actually a really easy process Roger what I do is
when I sit down switch the camera on switch the voice recorder on I simply
clap my hands what that does is it creates a spike in the audio to the
audio waveform and I match that up with the video of where my hands are coming
together lock those two tracks together and everything synchronized and then I
can chop the track up and edit it as necessary going forward and the audio
stay synced so that’s how it’s done so it’s coming back to this like I said I
haven’t really talked about gear at all and because I couldn’t really find much
about specifically landscape photography with this camera but I found plenty of
quite opinionated four and pieces saying that micro four-thirds is utterly
dreadful for landscapes so you might think what are you thinking all you do
is landscapes well I hope I’ve made the right decision
time will tell from what I’ve seen so far I’m very pleased with it
but what I am going to be doing is talking much more specifically about
micro four-thirds as a landscape photography tool mostly because I’m an
evangelist for your equipment being as portable as
so that you can get out in the landscape but also because I answered a question
in my last ask me anything recommending to somebody that yes a micro four-thirds
system is a good way to get into landscape photography so I’ve now put my
money where my mouth is I need to prove that I wasn’t talking rubbish hopefully
I’ll do that I’ll be reviewing all sorts of aspects of how this works another
thing that I have done is I’ve started putting all the images that make it into
my vlogs onto the vlog page on my website so there’ll always be a link in
the description to that page where you can have a look at the images in full
size because on the video it doesn’t do them justice and going forwards if
anybody wants a raw file from future vlogs that I make with this contact me
and ask I’d be quite happy to share them when I was doing my research I found
some raw files and that actually was what suede it for me because that’s
really the only way you can tell whether or not you’re going to get the quality
out of the camera so I think that’s plenty for this one thank you ever so
much for watching I really appreciate it and next time out I’ll be doing a proper
landscape photography vlog with lots of photography so if you haven’t done it
yet why not subscribe now and join me next time Cheers

100 thoughts on “#070: Landscape Photography: Going M4/3rds with Olympus OM-D E-M1 mk2”

  1. Stephen Wratten says:

    Wow, just found your channel David, fantastic video production quality and terrific photographs. I’m a bit of a gear nerd and like you have been trying to pare down the weight aspect of the equipment as I’m not getting any younger!🙈I’m an Olympus fan from way back in the film days (OM 1n) etc and currently shoot with either Olympus or Fuji gear. There is as you say a ton of negativity regarding micro four thirds as a landscape capture camera, but I don’t personally agree with the so called findings. I am still however weighing up the two systems for all round usage. I should say that my two systems are the older Olympus OMD’s and Fuji’s🥴 Will be interested to see your take on the all in one lens. All the best from a Pom in Western Australia😎🇦🇺👍 Subscribed!

  2. Andrew Noden says:

    Hi Dave, came across your channel tonight. Great video. I have been shooting with Olympus now for 3 or 4 years. The 12 to 100 is a great lens. I see another viewer referenced Craig Roberts. I consider myself a beginner and look forward to seeing more from you.
    Take care from Andrew, a Lancastrian lad now here in Ottawa Canada

  3. Vici Martynov says:

    Hah!!! Stuff enthusiast chat room opinions, I test stuff and as an experimental physicist I trust my own opinion. I bought a used Panasonic GX7 and a 14-140mm for trips pretty much for the same reasons you did; I am getting on and retired now. I really wasnt expecting that much. Well to say I was shocked when it blew away my Nikon D7100 when I fitted an Olympus 17mm f1.9 prime was pretty much an understatement. Well I sold the D7100 (kept my lovely old D700 and my D primes which fit on the leica with an adapter), gave the GX7 to my sister and bought a brand new 20MP GX9. Yes I take street at night, no I have never found it lacking. My Olympus 17mm and 45mm f1.8 primes give my Leica a run for its money. So dont worry about the quality you will find its fine. As long as you are happy who cares what people think. Now on trips I just take the GX9 with a handfull of lenses that weigh next to nothing. The image quality i am gettin now with the MFT equipment and my APS Leica TL2 are better than anything I have ever had. I am happy and I am sure you will be too. I cant recommend the 17mm and 45mm f1.8 more highly; the 17mm is an ideal lanscape and street lens and the camera fits in my handbag, the amazing 14-140mm is an ideal nature lens on trips; result 😉

  4. Dana Clarke Photography says:

    Hi David. I moved to the Olympus OM-D EM1 MkII last summer. I had been using the Canon 5D MkIII and had been hiking with it on a visit to the American Southwest desert parks last spring. My friend was using an EM1 MkII and was hiking with a much smaller camera bag covering the about the same focal lengths as I was at a fraction of the burden. As my family and I were planning a trek to Scotland that summer to hike the West Highland Way I knew I could not handle dragging all of that full frame gear up and down the Scottish Highlands. I purchased theEM1 MkII with the 12-100 and borrowed my friends Panasonic 100-300. For the hike the 100-300 did not leave the pack after the first day. The EM 1Mk II and 12-100 combination proved to be the perfect hiking combination! I am sure you will be very pleased with your choice.

  5. ValiRossi says:

    Congrats on your new camera. I have the EM1 Mkii also, plus the vertical grip. I use the 12-40mm F2.8 Pro lens. Amazing camera. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. Hi res mode would work well for landscapes.

  6. ELTIN JONES says:

    Came across your Vlog just now. Like another commentator, have. D7200 – which is great but bought a gx7 for travel a few years ago and works well for me especially with filters or even bracketing. Not great in low light especially nighttime shots but then you can't have it all.
    Totally agree on size and convenience. The Olympus is a much better mf3 camera 👍

  7. Red35 Photography says:

    Hi Mr Griff, nice vlog and always nice to see a M43 landscape photographer's work. I am not one but I enjoy photography, no matter what format/sensor sizes and I always say that there's a perfect tool for each and every photographer but not a perfect camera for all. You've chosen one and would love to see more of your work in the future and your thought on jumping from larger system to M43. Just a quick note, coming from a seasoned M43 pro (especially an Olympus Pro), LOW ISO settings will have less dynamic range in the highlights so if you are a landscape guy, try to use base ISO 200 as much as possible for the expanded range. Good luck and look forward to see your next vlog.

  8. Paul Compton PDphotography says:

    My my David look at your sub rate your on fire you really are a true gent and give so much knowledge about stuff when your on camera. Going to be a big start

  9. EnGnuttaFredrik says:

    Welcome to the family! I know you'll be satisfied with you new camera. A couple of tips though, when using ISO low, make sure you handle your highlights. You can't do much in post with the highlights when using the low settings. And be aware that mft tends to get softer above f.8,0. There is a nice word for the phenomenon but I can't recall what it is.

    And btw, I have a pin sharp photo on my wall taken hand held with a two second exposure, lying down and leaning of a bridge, and it's 100×70 cm. Believe me, you can print huge if you get your focus right. The Olympus EM1II is a great camera and the customer service, at least here in Sweden, is nothing less then great.

    Love your show, personality and photos. Keep the good work up. I'm looking forward for more.

  10. stellablade says:

    Enjoyed this. Congratulations on your new camera. I'm still using the E-M1 mk1. I've been using MFT for the past seven years. There is so much misinformation and incorrect assumptions about MFT from people who don't use it. Here are a few landscape related links with the E-M1 mk2. I found much more than this little list! https://www.johncollins.ie/blog/2017/3/landscape-photography-with-the-olympus-omd-e-m1-mark-ii 

  11. Alan and Karen Booth Oldfield says:

    Great images i have the same camera and use the 12-40m 2.8 lens mostly.
    I used it yesterday with a polariser on and my first time taking a waterfall shot handheld at 4-6 seconds.
    And i was really surprised at the the image quality
    Keep up the good work

  12. Dwight Jones says:

    I use the same setup that you do. My experience with the 12-100 mm has been entirely positive. You can do almost landscape with it, hand held, and not be disappointed with the quality. The 8 prime fits in my pocket and can be used for super wide shots. I like the versatility of a system that lets you mix and match gear. You can have a pocket camera or a true professional camera with a birding lens. One lightweight system does everything I ever need in a camera.

  13. Ananda Sim says:

    Hi Mr. G, we've got a community recently migrated from G+ onto MeWe here – I've used Four Thirds since the E-510 AND Micro Four Thirds since the PEN E-PL1. We have a lot of fun with our gear, if you feel up to it, come join us and entertain as well as be entertained. https://mewe.com/join/olympusfriendsaustralia

  14. Will Price says:

    Just found your channel. Great video! I also shoot m43 and I'm looking forward to all your new content, especially the astrophotography. Cheers!

  15. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Welcome to the Olympus family! You will love this camera + lens combo. I made a trip to Europe last year and that's all I brought with me. I didn't miss a single shot because I didn't have lens "x" or lens "y". The wide range of the lens made it perfect for all situations and the IBIS allowed me to take photos in dark places handheld at 2" shutter speed. No need for a super fast lens. One piece of advice. ISO 64 it's not native to the camera. It can be achieved through some computer algorithm that it's too complicated for me to understand but I know it reduces the dynamic range of the image. I'm guessing for landscape you need as much dynamic range as you can get so I would suggest to stay at 200 ISO. That's the lowest native ISO of the camera. It's my only gripe about it. I wish it would go to 100.

  16. Rob Outen Photography says:

    Really informative vlog David about your decision making process prior to investing into macro 4/3. I've just upgraded my main camera to the Canon 77d with an 18-135mm lens. Two main reason is more megapixels and the focal range on the lens. I wish you happy shooting with your new camera. Thanks for sharing.

  17. NEF KANO says:

    Great insights and wise choice with your kit. I’ve been shooting landscapes for the last 3 years using a pair of original EM 1s and have never been left wanting. I have been fortunate enough to own all 3 Pro Zoom lenses as well as several zuikio primes in various focal lengths. Admittedly with this system I have become a sort of an avid collector. I also read way too many comments on other channels and forums who malign the qualities of micro 4/3 but as someone who actually owns the system and more importantly makes large prints I can promise you many of those comments are pretty baseless…..of course even that’s in my own humble opinion. Haha.

  18. David Buurma says:

    Love the OMD…but have not tried it for landscape as yet…it has been my travel camera…look forward to seeing how it does for yoy

  19. dapa stra says:

    Good video, beautiful photos. But remember a thing, the dof change in m 43 and you haven't to close to f 11 to have all in focus. 😉

  20. Ian Seward says:

    If you aren't currently using DXO-Photo Lab 2 to process your raw files then please download a free demo and try it out. Although I normally use C1Pro for raw processing DXO-PL 2 has unique advantages for mft.
    DXO-PL 2 has class leading noise reduction in PRIME (raw only) noise reduction with very little user intervention, just adjust the slider 🙂 Noise in mft is one of its weaker areas and PRIME works like magic.
    MFT is also designed to use computer lens correction with lenses specifically designed with this in mind allowing further reductions in lens size. The cameras will correct jpg's automatically but this correction is "quick&dirty" due to restrictions in "in camera" computing power and time constraints as the correction must be done in real time. DXO profile the lenses they support in their optical labs (it's their day job) and can provide superior lens corrections because they have the relatively enormous processing power in your computer and unlimited time. With the wide angle end of zooms their actual focal length is often wider than the quoted value. This is necessary because the jpg correction will incorporate a crop as part of the q&d correction. The cropped image corresponds to the quoted focal length. Download a raw file from the wide angle end of the Canon G7x to see an extreme example.
    As well as lens corrections DXO also apply lens sharpness to correct for the Bayer filter array softening but with a variable amount across the frame as typically a lens is less sharp as you move away from the centre. This is why you should not apply usm within DXO-PL 2. That correction is there for RGB images.
    DXO-PL 2 is also great for the ease of processing. It majors on providing a default image that is very good technically and therefore gives you a good starting point for any further processing. It now also has a competent local adjustments and as well as the usual gradient, brush masks etc. has NIK control point technology.
    If you are using PS, LightRoom etc. they use the jpg lens correction data that Olympus embed in the raw file so that you will get the same result as the jpg.
    Hope this helps.

  21. Steven Kamradt says:

    Welcome to the Olympus family. I also made the switch from Nikon (7200) to Olympus and the weight savings is definitely noticeable. I am more likely now to carry my camera everywhere and have taken some pretty good night photography shots using the 12-40 f2.8 pro lens, however next time I may rent the 17mm 1.2 and give it a try as I would likely capture more in less time. The pro glass for the Olympus is excellent, and I also find myself with more keepers and less ruined shots due to handshake. Being able to see through the viewfinder the shot also helps nail exposure more precisely when shooting full manual. Works really well for black and white also! While I might have given up a few megapixels, the ability to slap it on a tripod and get a super res shot is very useful. Now, if they would only give us a firmware update with the simulated ND filters my bag can get even lighter. 🙂

  22. Alexander Stehle says:


  23. andrew oxley says:

    Hi David, just stumbled across your channel. Interesting points made about the new camera, I use a Panasonic GH5 m43 and am thrilled with the results, also own an old Olympus OMD 10 which my wife uses. My main camera is a 50 megapixel Canon DSR which is wonderful. My point is that most modern cameras seem to be very capable, a few times my wife has taken pictures with the tiny OMD 10 which are so amazing I told other people I took them. Lying and deceit being the best way to proceed in life…😐

  24. Brian Horsey says:

    Usual quality vlog, David, but an amazing amount of tech feedback in the comments. On a more prosaic level I’ll be inerested to see how the new format affects your thoughts on composition. My first digital camera was a 4;3 Olympus Camedia 20 years ago (DLSRs were prohibitively expensive then) and after best part of 40 years with 35mm film the format was a little uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing – at least you have enough subject matter for a series of vlogs in replying to you followers! Cheers!

  25. badgerag says:

    Super channel and delivery. I have an EM1 mk ii also and am considering buying one of the pro lenses, the 14-100mm seems like an interesting beast. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Christian Augustin says:

    Some names of landscape photographers using M43: Craig Roberts (e6 vlogs, already mentioned by someone else, using Olympus) and James Popsys (using a Panasonic G9 by now). There are others, doing more travel and adventure photography with M43 (e.g. Chris Eyre-Walker). You might know those already, just wanted to drop a note. Notably, those I've mentioned are professionals, earning their money with these cameras. Interesting to see how often size and weight are the main reasons for going M43 (same with me ;-)).

  27. Alan Neilson says:

    Welcome to the MU43 club. I am sure you will enjoy I have been using the system since 2010 although on the other side with Lumix (currently a G80) having had a full frame. Even with carrying a few lens it still makes it a joy to use, for a whole host of subjects macro, still life, landscape I have even recently tried night time astro with a wide(ish) prime and seemed to manage will.

    This is the first of your video's I have watched and enjoyed will be checking out your channel and watching some more.

  28. Lars Thorén says:

    Great buy, I think you'll be pleased with it. While I'm sure someone has already pointed it out may I suggest that the sweet spot for f-number is most often 5.6 for landscapes and m43. That is the equivalent dof as f11 on FF. If more dof is required I sometimes go up to f8 but very rarely above.

  29. Kevin Pritchard says:

    A really enjoyable vlog thank you for posting … just subscribed and looking forward to seeing more

  30. HeHaaPho says:

    Congratulations big time👌 I bought the em1.2 with the 12-100 2 years ago and has taken 80% of my pictures with it since. It is a fantastic lens combined with the ibis. You will seldom need a tripod. Be aware though, that m4/3 lenses are best at half the f-stop value as full frame lenses ie. use 5.6 where you would use 11 with full frame. f11 will result is a little softish details. The 12-100 is sharpest at 4-5.6 in the wide end and at 5.6 in the long end. f8 is ok but seldom needed for landscape, in my experience. Good luck and happy clicks from here.

  31. Nick Leon says:

    Thanks for the video and welcome to the club; I shall be looking out to see how you get on. The one YouTuber that springs to mind who has done a lot of Olympus M43 landscape work on here is the Olympus Visonary/Mentor (or whatever) Derek Forss.

  32. Leptospirosi says:

    Great choice about M4/3: I would be curious to know your reasoning behind the choice of the EM1MkII over the G9 form Panasonic which today comes even cheaper and it's almost a twin of the Olympus (I own both Oly and Panny so I'm not leaning either way). I also advise you to check Nick Page's "exposure blending in Photoshop" which should help a lot with M4/3 and non ideal light situations. e6 Vlog is a seasoned Landscaper converted to m43 and you can check about his experiences

  33. Alan Gauld says:

    Just found your channel and enjoyed the video so I've subscribed. I've been using MFT for landscape work since 2012 and switched to Olympus in 2016(E-M5 II). I use the Oly 12-40 and a Lumix 45-175 along with the Oly 9mm fisheye lens cap that gives surprisingly sharp images for a "toy" and takes up virtually no room or weight. With a short extension tube to cover closeups the whole lot weighs less than my old Canon plus kit lens. As to the video I loved the tip about clapping hands to sync the sound – I must try that one next time I'm doing any video work.. Also looking forward to your astro experiment – I tried it once using my Panasonic GH2 but the noise was too much to handle – stars and colour noise look much the same to noise reduction tools! – but the tech has moved on…

  34. Alan Gauld says:

    Just a tip. You might want to invest in the Rocky Nook book on the EM-1. They really are astoundingly complex systems and these books are the best I've found for unscrambling the menu system and uncovering the best options. I actually think Olympus should probably give up on writing manuals and just commission Rocky Nook instead! I have no connection but have used 3 of these manuals over the years, Love them!

  35. Nick Buchholz says:

    I've just stumbled across your channel and really enjoyed this video. I too am a m43 shooter and love taking landscapes. I can't wait to join you on your journey of discovering the Olympus system and hope to learn a thing or two as you share your experiences with us. Also excited about your "August Astro Challenge". I agree with you that it won't be easy, but I'm confident you pull it off. Greetings from Sydney and welcome to the m43 club.

  36. Simon Burn says:

    Congrats on the new system David. Once again, super vlog 😀😀

  37. Costa Rica Bob says:

    My lucky day . Your video was right up my alley. I'm old and retired with the game leg living in Costa Rica for over 20 years. About a year ago my big Nikons were getting to be hard to lug about so I bought my first Olympus the 10-m2 and liked it so then a 5-m3 which was nice and then the Pen 7 which is a very sexy little beauty. You'll never guess what I did in November. lol You guessed it I bought 1-m2 . So, look forward to enjoying your videos.

  38. Dave T says:

    I am new to M43: bought a OM-D E-M1 II and continue to be impressed with the quality of the pics. I am very interested to you in hearing your experience with your new camera.

  39. Mali Davies Photography says:

    Excellent video, most of all made up for you with the new system, I can see this transforming your already brilliant creative process and propelling you. Super excited to see the future of your photography!

  40. Zardos Spinosa says:

    The real question for me is whether the Mk2 delivers better IQ than the Mk1 at base ISO 200 and I think the true answer is no. Noise is your biggest demon in M4/3 but if you know what you are doing you can still get pretty good images. I said pretty good and certainly good enough for an enthusiast like myself, but if you want ultimate image quality you will need to go FF

  41. Mark Hughes says:

    Good luck with your new camera. It’s a great combo. I’ve been shooting Olympus for years now since switching from Canon. Nothing wrong with Canon, I just stopped picking it up because of the size. I shoot lots of landscapes, it works really well. You don’t need f11 because the depth of field would be more comparable to f8 on the micro 4/3s. Cheers

  42. MuertoInc says:

    Excellent setup. It's the same one I've been recommending to landscape photographers who have been looking for a lighter setup.

    By the way Dave, for m43 is not necessary to close your lens to f11. You can shoot with your 12-100 f4 wide open and have a sharp and higher quality image. For most lenses is better to keep them below f8.


  43. Craig Pickles says:

    Pretty bold move if you just switched and shot this with only 1 shutter click on the camera before shooting and switching to m43… But, jump in. Let us know how you get on with it. Agree with Red35 (Jimmy) to stick to iso200 for the DR side of things, otherwise, you can go to Low. He knows some stuff, and knows Olympus stuff too, despite being a talkie cheeky buzzard 🙂 he owes me a coffee, but I'm a long way from London to collect. I'm Craig, but not the Craig at "e6 Vlogs" who does a lot of landscape stuff with m43, and YouTubes under that name, so check him out if you have not. He owes me a coffee too 🙂

  44. moke1310 says:

    Welcome to MFT – I use the original EM1 and find it brilliant for landscapes – and a joy for travel / airline carry on limits. I often use my Panasonic-Leica 12-60 f2.8 – 4 (bought before your lens was released). That combination covers a lot of my shooting. I know you have said one lens only but may I suggest you have a try with the 7-14mm pro lens just once for some landscapes if you get the chance? It is a stunner. There is an Olympus OMD Landscapes facebook group which is great and can show you what the results look like.

  45. Chris Shepherd says:

    Really enjoyed this video David. I made the move about 5 months ago and the Olympus kit still delights and surprises me. With lighter kit I take the camera more places and get more shots.

    Live time and live composite modes are really worth playing with and I'm finding the in camera focus stacking to be great too. I'm sure you are not going to regret having a lighter camera bag

  46. Jack the Hat Photographic says:

    Great video. I use the same kit. But, I'd be interested to know why you shot at ISO 64. When you shoot below ISO 200, the camera overexposes and then pulls the exposure back. This results in less dynamic range and there is no image quality advantage. Dynamic range is bad enough on micro 4/3rds cameras without sacrificing any more of it. The ONLY reason I can think of for shooting at ISO 64 is to gain a longer shutter speed. But, if that was your goal, you'd have been better using an ND filter or using a smaller aperture.
    To me, the two great advantages this camera has for landscape photography are its compact size and the high-res 80 megapixel function. This camera can produce image quality to rival medium format systems when shooting static subjects on a tripod. Your choice of the 12-100mm lens is ideal. It's the most versatile lens of all and, unusually for such a lens, it has the build quality and image quality you should expect from a pro lens. Congrats on your new purchase 🙂

  47. Jon Barnard says:

    Hi David. Great video. I notice you shoot this camera at iso 64. There appears to be some discussion about shooting this camera at a lower ISO than 200, as (they say) you can accomplish the same thing by exposing to the right and correcting the exposure in post. Some say you get a cleaner image by shooting at 64; some say you lose dynamic range and risk clipping the highlights. I certainly see the advantage of not "starving" a small sensor in order to avoid noise, so this makes sense to me. I expect if you shoot in raw you have some protection from over-exposing the highlights. My thoughts are that, if you are forced to shoot at a higher iso due to lack of light and tripod, you can shoot a burst of images and combine them later to reduce noise. If you have lots of light, or a tripod, iso 64 makes sense. Any thoughts on this strategy?

  48. Norman Coutts says:

    Just found you and enjoyed this first shoot with your Olympus. I’ll be happy to tag along from now on and look forward to your future videos. All the best with your new camera. 😊👍🙏🏻.

  49. t Lim says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you! I decided to stay with my Olympus E-M5 and E-M10 Mk II instead of upgrading to the Fuji X-T3 precisely because it has no IBIS! I love the Olympus IBIS system and that in itself trumps the image improvement from the X-T3. Together with my prime lenses (14, 20, 25 and 45mm), I'm able to pack all that in a small camera bag and walk all day long. I kept reading all the criticisms of MFT cameras on YouTube, but sadly they are all from people who do not use the system. Until they do, they have no idea how seriously good the images you can get from them and how portable a complete system is.

  50. Dylan Evans says:

    Great to find this so early in my own M43 journey and as a newcomer to landscape photography too. Likewise I have found first results very promising and that with a pretty basic Oly 14-42mm lens. I bought the system primarily for underwater photography, so that's where my glass is focused right now. However the idea of getting one lens that can take care of things topside is very appealing indeed.

  51. Heavenscape says:

    Congratulations on your new camera purchase Dave! You are right. Simple one camera and one leave setup is the best and stress free way to go.

  52. Ian Smissen Photography says:

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for your insights and images! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your experiences with this camera. I'm really interested in that camera and the M1X as I nearly always have to make a decision about which kit to take out – landscape or wildlife – for example, I didn't bring my long lens and second camera body at all when visiting the UK last year so no wildlife 🙁 
    I would love a kit that was portable enough to do both. As always, keep up the great work. Cheers, Ian

  53. Gino Rigucci says:

    The shots with the micro 4/3 are excellent. I like the one with the trees panorama, some of the ocean waves and more. I have an older 12-60 Olympus zoom lens and it is tack sharp, I used it with the older Olympus E-620 camera body and I also shot hand held pano of geese in a park and got an excellent result. Currently I use the Nikon D-810 and it is heavier. Thanks for the video.

  54. Tony Green says:

    Good to hear someone who doesn't jump on the M43 is dead bandwagon started by a couple in the good ole USA. I've had an Olympus em10, EM5 mk2 and now a Panasonic G9. I have also simultaneously owned a Canon 5DSr which was traded recently for a Sony A73r. Last year I took a lot of images, but didn't get round to editing until recently. And I have been surprised that most of the keepers are from the M43 system. Why, when the Canon and Sony were 'better' cameras? Because the best camera in the world is the one you have with you, and both Canon and Sony glass is significantly heavier than M43 lenses, but the quality is only marginally, sometimes imperceptibly, better. I print no larger than A3 so the difference is largely immaterial, but my old body has had enough carrying heavy lenses around. The Olympus 40-150 f2.8, 300 f4, and the Panasonic 200 f2.8 (with a great 1.4x converter) are excellent lenses. At a recent photoshoot I was using the Olympus 40-150 on the G9, and the Sony GMaster 85 f1.4 simultaneously, and the difference is really hard to see. Images from both are readily acceptable. But the M43 system is lower cost than Sony, lighter, and imho better stabilised (smaller sensors?). So good luck with your em1 mk2.

  55. Donald Gould says:

    In your video #70 you mentioned the classic landscape aperture f11, however you did not reference this to dof as compared to crop sensor =f16 or full frame f22. Enjoyed the video.

  56. Donald Gould says:

    I meant to add I have been using E M5 and mk2 with 12-40 f2. 8 lens for years. No problem with Oly for landscape, exception would be if you wanted to print really large. Also added dof a bonus.

  57. Steve says:

    Welcome to the M4/3 format! I'm an avid fan of their capabilities. My first was the PL-7 Olympus which really is an amazing camera for the money. I moved on to the OM-D EM10 mkii and just recently to the M1 mkii.

    I've a FB page show casing a lot of lowlight and landscape photography. By all means have a visit let me know what you think, I'm no professional but do take pride in my results 😉

    If you're returning for the milky way if advise investing in either the 7.5mm f2 Laowa or an Samyang 12mm f2 either will help as the added light will enable you to get great images with having to result in very high ISO shots. https://www.facebook.com/SHSFotoNorge/

  58. Troy Howling says:

    Chris Ayre Walker shoots a lot with 12-100mm and in very extreme conditions… His YouTube and Instagram are a must follow for anyone….
    For last 2 years I've shot nothing but m43 with olympus…. Does landscapes very well… And likes a good soaking lol… Very tough cameras…. The live view with lo g exposures and in bright light you can focus with a 10 stop nd…. Why the other brands can't do this is strange. Enjoy… Its just a tool even so… 🙂

  59. Lorenzo Garofoli says:

    Hi! A very pleasurable video to watch! I have myself dropped my aps-c camera, sold it and thinking about what mft body would suit me most. The budget is limited since I am just a hobbist. So far Lumix gx8 or g80 seem to tick all the boxes. In terms of lenses I am not sure if I want to take your approach or the bright and light primes. I particularly like the 16 and 56 mm from sigma. They also have a degree of weather sealing..

  60. Jann Smith says:

    Just perfect. Thank you for doing this. So, you are Welsh?

  61. veganbodybuilding says:

    Could you go into stacking astro images? I want to try it out this year and so any ideas? I use the Panasonic Lumix G9 by the way. I just subscribed as I want to learn more about landscapes using a m43 camera as well.

  62. Andy Miles says:

    I’m sure you will love it, the lens is amazing with that camera. Check out Phil Norton’s Facebook pages if you haven’t seen them already.

  63. meredithpottery says:

    Oh! Thank you! I really want to watch you do the milky way with our camera. I just dont know how to do the post processing. Also, do you take lots of 5 second shots with the ISO set low and stack them or should the shots be longer. What ISO can you get away with?

    By the way, I am not a professional photographer so I really dont count but I LOVE my Olympus one em1 mkii camera. I am small and I hike the mountains. The size of my camera has allowed me to carry my kit everywhere. Two cameras and three lenses.

  64. Vlast Pojman says:

    Hi, just found your channel. Mainly because you mentioned M4/3. I switched from Canon full frame about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I mostly shoot landscape and even the occasional astro/milky way shot with the em1.2. Love the small size and relatively good price for what you get. And the gear is built like a tank. As other's mentioned Chris Eyre-Walker is a good Olympus photographer to follow for landscapes, as is Peter Baumgarten (https://www.creativeislandphoto.com) and a few others. There are obviously some downsides with night photography but for almost everything else I am really happy.

  65. Thomas Dekany says:

    F11 is utterly unnecessary. Shoot at f4 and focus bracket.

  66. Benjamin Jehne says:

    I moved away from Olympus in 2017 because it isn't even possible to get a clean blue sky at base ISO200. There is to much noise in the files and they aren't that rich in dynamic range.
    He's using the camera at ISO64, so good luck with your higlights.
    If you're not willing to carry a lot of equipment with you, then just buy a Sony RX100 IV. I like the ISO125 files of those small Sonys more, than from my ISO200 mFT bodies. They are unbelivable capable and you don't need to carry that biq equipment anymore. If you want more image quality, jump over to a way bigger sensor.

  67. Gary Compton says:

    Hi there DG, I’ve just found your vlog and find it rather peacefully satisfying, with lots of calm good sense.
    I’m surprised you’ve not come across another landscape photographer Craig Roberts, who has the channel E6.
    He’s another talented photographer who is an Olympus user like yourself.
    I mention him as you noted in your video, your seeking out MFT Landscape photographers, and he to my mind is one of the most successful and interesting generally, with like yourself calm good sense !!
    Regards, GC

  68. E Miff says:

    Hi Mr Griff. I too switched to micro 4/3 a few weeks ago.being an old fart now I could no longer carry my heavy DSLR system and needed a much lighter system. After much deliberation I chose a panasonic GX-80 plus a few lenses. I was amazed on my first trip out with this new system, I'm no pro photographer but I swear that my pictures were much better than those from my Canon system. My new system is over 3KG lighter than my Canon stuff so that's a great bonus. I'm out almost every day now, I get home and my back isn't aching and I'm loving my hobby even more. I have subscribed and I look forward to watching more of you excellent videos.

  69. Mark Baigent says:

    Cambrian photo are excellent for sales and after sales

  70. htwarrior says:

    Would you carry the 17mm f1.2 over the 1.8?

  71. John Lavin-Ford Gardening & Photography says:

    Wonderful upload. My wife is Olympus through and through whereas I am a Nikon D2 D3 user. I am quickly coming round to Olympus due to size quality and capabilities..

  72. M. Louis Photography says:

    I see you have a number of appropriate comments from others below. The nice thing is that the full frame trolls most likely will not be viewing your content (their loss).

    I have two OMD bodies. The EM-5 and EM-5 MK II. One is a backup body for paid engagements. I got back into photography 4 years ago when diagnosed with Parkinson's. After extensive research, I chose the OMD bodies for their IBS which is more than sufficient to eliminate hand tremor blurs. With the OMD and Olympus glass, I have been able to shoot landscapes for conversion into Photocolors, weddings, events, portraits, press and fire/rescue photography. All the reasons you presented were considered as well, and I came to a similar conclusion.

    I came across your video by chance this morning, I have subscribed and will be following you in your journey. Best wishes. And, if you are ever in Buckingham, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (or anywhere near) please call and lunch is on me. (You can find particulars at www.mlouis.photography). Cheers!

  73. orangeUAVpilot says:

    Thank you for this video as I am currently exploring M43’s from a Nikon crop sensor camera. I am curious to know how you get ISO 64 on this camera as I couldn’t find anything in the manual about it. How important is ISO 64 to you? Im on the fence between Olympus OMD E1 Mark II and the Panasonic G9. Hoping you or someone else can help justify the extra money for the Olympus. Thanks!

  74. George French says:

    We’ll be traveling from New England to North Wales in July. Is Cambrian Photography anywhere near Conwy?

  75. Mike Kenning says:

    That's a really great composition on that shot.

  76. Cee Jay says:

    Hi, welcome to the Olympus community, I'm a new user too. Yes, Cambrian Photography are great people, very helpful even as an internet customer. Look forward to your future vlogs. CJ

  77. A1 Pest Service says:

    All you need is Huawei P20 Pro, and you can print Big

  78. tony twyman says:

    What a really nice and consise delivery sir…. Have subscribed and will look forward to the journey

  79. Helen Higgs says:

    Fascinating vlog. I think I made a similar journey nearly 2 years ago. After an illness I was finding my Canon 7dmkii and all the lenses too much. I was torn between the Fuji XT-2 and the Olympus EM1mkii and finally settled on the Oly with the 12-40 pro. Recently I’ve found myself lumping both cameras about and preferring the landscape results of the Canon. I’ve been watching the mirrorless developments with Canon and seriously tempted with the EOS-R, but the reason Oly won over Fuji was IBIS, so it was very disappointing to see it missing in the Canon mirrorless Also, the weight of the lenses – tail wagging dog. I’m carrying on as I am for now but I am fairly sure I will go full frame for landscape. Oly and the 12-40 has been great though for street, holidays, and interiors that won’t let you use a tripod. I’ll be hanging on to it whatever

  80. Kamil Lisowski says:

    M43 is more than good enough, People are brainwashed by marketing guys That's why they believe only good shoots are made by FF, I seen pictures from pentax Q with outstanding quality, as You know pentax Q is compact camera sensor size. I would say if not that marketing actions We will see this days Nikon 1 series on the top off selling lists….
    Of course FF have advantages in low light and better quality when u crop by 200% your image But who makes picture to crop this That dramatically?
    On YouTube was comparisons big prints FF and M43, no difference

  81. Michael Gent says:

    A thought came to mind and I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to give an opinion of experience with this system, Is a 1/2sec exposure https://youtu.be/q0-GgBzlIvI?t=493 tripod mounted on a windy day with I.S. turned off likely to give an unsharp image compared with hand held with I.S. turned on?

  82. Gordon Burns says:

    Yes I bought this same gear for a trip to Nepal last year rather than lump around my Nikon D800 and 24-70 f2.8 lens. Boy am I so glad I did. What a great camera and lens. SO easy and light to carry around and the image results are really great. The dual image stabilization was a huge help and does an amazing job. My D800 has never left the house since – it is used in studio only now. And the hi-res mode has proved great too – even for landscapes. And like you – I always buy my kit from my local retail camera shop. Need to support them.

  83. Barrie Cranston says:

    i've just downloaded raw amples of phhotographs taken with same kit as yours. absolutely fantastic. i'm full frame but would easily consider. regards Barrie

  84. Old Grumpy Jim says:

    Good decision David. Im 65 and moved to the Fuji X-T2 and two main lenses from the Nikon D810 and the usual heavy glass. I was struggling with the heavy gear now retired and being honest I didn't need full frame. For me the IQ difference in the small Format camera system sensors, was not significant enough and medium format was out the question, too heavy and too expensive although I like what Fuji are doing. 
    I have printed identical images 36X20inches from Mft, app-c and my D810 FF and I'll tell you lying them side by side you couldn't tell the difference (unless you stuck your nose with a magnifying glass smack up against them The Olympus system was just a bit on the pricey side for me at the time but who knows in the future. Ive been doing this off and on for about 40 years and can't believe the nonsense we get from full frame enthusiasts about how much better FF is compared to crop! They don't seem to understand the small format camera system and the choice we have in sensors it does not mean one is better that the other! anyway great review David you can see why my wife chose my monicker!

  85. Mike Page says:

    Thanks for this, I'm looking at the EM1 MkII for landscape myself. Are you happy with the 12-100? I was looking at the 12-40 for landscape and something like the 40-150 for wildlife. Anything you regret about the EM1 yet? How did the night shot work out? It's one of my ambitions too.

  86. Abby Motion Films says:

    Amazing shots!

  87. martin hogarth says:

    Just to say I liked the vlog very much, I shoot with Nikon D300s & I'm looking to go ( maybe ) to the 4/3rd camera and you vlog might have just swayed me that way…martin.. ( tmhphotography.co.uk )

  88. 51oly says:

    Hi Mr Griff, I have been a very happy user of M43 camera and lenses since its inception. During February (summer in the Southern Hemisphere) I spent some days in Southern Chile photographing some abandoned old buildings with an Olympus Pen F and the Olympus 12-40 f2.8. For the first time since I have the Pen F, I tried the high resolution mode, which your camera has better implemented. I am really stunned by the results at low ISO. You should give it a try with non moving subjects, it is just amazing. I will process the files and will upload to my flickr site. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

  89. Pinaki Bhattacharyya says:

    A great detailed video. I just love my EM1 MII as well. It's a wonderful device which is no less capable than any other FF.

    Isn't Low ISO is 100 ? But I might be wrong. I also noticed that Low ISO doesn't give u the best IQ. It cuts down the dynamic range a little bit. I have felt 200 to be best.

    Also with this lens I have felt that f5.6 gives you the sharpest possible IQ wo any abberations .. I would prefer max f8 for landscape (but again that would be my personal preference).

  90. B LO says:

    Great video and love your photo.

    For light weight fast wide lens, you might check out the Loawa 7.5mm F/2 lens, it seems a perfect companion with your mZD 12-100mm lens,especially for ultra wide shoot.

    The laowa is economic, tiny and light weight (170g) but fast enough to shoot milky way and night sky. Stopping it down to F4 and beyond, it can easy rival with the mZD 7-14 f2.8 pro lens. I did not use the laowa very often (thanks to my brilliant 12-100) but the lawao always deliver satisfying images. Most importantly, it is so tiny that it slip into my bag all the time.

    However, you may also watch out for its loose lens hoop, some coma (on F2), flares and lack of auto-focus.

  91. Lucyphress says:

    Good choice. I moved from Nikon APS-C to Olympus four years ago after I tested the original E-M1. Still very satisfied with this decision. Watched some other videos on your channel and enjoyed watching them quite a lot. Keep up the good work.

  92. TimberGeek says:

    Here it is 😉 So have you sold off your Nikon gear? If so did the D5500 hold much value?

  93. Colourberry says:

    Its videos like yours that make me really appreciate forums such as youtube. Nice to "virtually" meet you and your videos as I'm currently trying to talk myself into switching from Sony A7Rii to M3/4. I just wish Olympus would do better than 16mp. Their 20mp cameras I'll look at.

  94. Noealz Photo says:

    nice channel, saw you on Red's channel comment section

  95. Harry A says:

    first video love the clap to match up video to voice

  96. Tim Blake says:

    Hi David. I found your channel a couple of months ago, and am catching up on some of your videos, and I must say I'm pretty impressed so far. On the subject of Micro 4/3rds all you have to do is watch Oddbjorn Austeviks channel, here is the link, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR3Gp–uI28raZQ_7rKcODQ/featured to see that M4/3 is a viable landscape system. He uses the Panasonic GH5 and his images are amazing. Anyway just wanted to put my 10 cents worth in. Keep up the great work!!

  97. Makta972 says:

    F11 is way too much on m43..

  98. Terry Breedlove says:

    Watch the small apertures MFT has trouble with diffraction pretty quickly. Other than that welcome to the family. 🙂

  99. hellomyphone says:

    Derek Forss has a very nice YouTube channel and he uses this combination of camera and lens 🙂

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