Лесной пейзаж акварелью с помощью маски/ Watercolor landscape with camouflage liquid and gouache
Лесной пейзаж акварелью с помощью маски/ Watercolor landscape with camouflage liquid and gouache

Draw a watercolor landscape with masking fluid and gouache pencil sketch (link under the video) We put scraps of torn paper on the drawing and fasten them with tape. They should cover areas that should not be painted. Apply masking liquid with a bristle brush, tapping on another brush These are places where there should be light foliage and areas on trees and land. Do not apply camouflage liquid too much. Otherwise, you will have to rewrite the whole landscape again, as I did. with a hard ragged brush we work with pokes I work on pulp paper Add a few drops of water to the camouflage liquid and draw branches with a drawing pen or a thin sharp brush. Our color palette from left to right:
yellow + burnt sienna;
ultramarine + burnt umber;
yellow ocher + umber;
emerald green + kraplak red + sepia burnt umber can be replaced with brown, ultramarine – blue, sienna – orange-brown Also make the darkest ultramarine batch with burnt umber apply small spots of mixtures to the desired areas of the picture and compare with the reference. Then wet the whole sheet with water.
Then we dampen the entire sheet with water and begin to apply pale tones of paint on top: ultramarine for the sky, Near the horizon pour the darkest kneading ultramarine Bad places are removed with a paper towel draw grass with a light ocher solution draw wet leaf foliage sienna we draw tree trunks with a mixture of umber and ultramarine dark areas in the meadow are prescribed with the same pale gray mixture We darken the trunks on one side, adding sepia to the mixture of ultramarine and umber With the same dark mixture we draw thin branches with a sharp brush The main rule: draw dark in light and vice versa! Sometimes we moisten paper from a spray bottle Apply leaves with a torn brush. Gently wipe the camouflage compound with your finger We pass through the wiped area with pale solutions of ocher, sienna and ultramarine We try to do it gently with a soft brush. In order not to smudge the lower layers of paint. Dry the fan and continue to work on dry We go through the dark areas again On dark trunks add pale yellow leaves with liquid gouache Turn the picture in all directions as you like Again, prescribe the light areas on the trunks with white gouache with the addition of yellow ocher More details in the foreground The picture is ready! If you liked it, please like and subscribe to my channel.

4 thoughts on “Лесной пейзаж акварелью с помощью маски/ Watercolor landscape with camouflage liquid and gouache”

  1. фрд ибр says:

    Доброй ночи. Пейзаж потрясающий! Талантливый человек – талантлив во всём! В очередной раз, восхищена Вашей работой! Увы, акварель – это ни разу не про меня… 😟. Но дочери скину Ваш мастер-класс. Она акварелист. Я то, так… любитель, только дырки в обоях маскировать… Но, как Ваш фанат, не могу ещё раз не подчеркнуть, что Ваши мк, особенно лесные пейзажи, для меня очень нужны и важны! (Как для человека, переехавшего в Россию, из азиатской пустыни!) В любой технике исполнения! Спасибо огромное!!!

  2. Леха Романейко says:

    А что такая музыка то ?

  3. Виктория Ушенина says:

    Тема акварели интересна!

  4. Татьяна Лапшина says:

    очень понравилось как вы рисуете деревья.стволы,освещенные солнцем без листьев,тоже смотрятся красиво. тема деревьев,леса мне близка, т.к. это отличная натура.

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