Как нарисовать урок Зимний Пейзаж How to draw Winter Landscape 한국 설경 (한옥) 그림 그리기
Как нарисовать урок Зимний Пейзаж How to draw Winter Landscape 한국 설경 (한옥) 그림 그리기

How to draw Winter Landscape Today we paint in Korean ink-and-wash style, using mineral colors and Ink on the rice paper. The focus is on the drawing of snow in Asian Watercolor and Korean traditional house – Hanok 한옥. It is important to mentally reserve a place for snow leaving a white space. In the Asian palette there is white color. There is no white color in Western watercolor! We can choose to leave a white place in our picture or use white color. We will do both this and that ^^ I draw from the reference. I will publish this photo in the community of my channel! Draw the buildings with a contour. The brush works like a pencil. The brush is dry but with ink on it. Use active black ink. Mostly the tip of the brush works. Pay attention to the construction of buildings. There should be shingles on the roof but we don’t draw it. We leave the roof white. There is snow there. We continue to work on the same principle. We draw trees of the first plan. The brush is dry but with ink on it. Press the edge of the brush against the paper. Make lines from bottom to top or vice versa. The lines are arched and curved. Group out into the shape of a trunk and branches. Press the entire side of the brush, half or only the very tip. We get lines thicker or thinner. We do not draw everything; we only indicate several branches. The brush is dry but with ink on it. Scrub the paper with a brush. We do this in some places on the buildings. This is for volume and texture. We make several arcs for the roof tile. Only a little in some places. The rest of the white space is snow. Dilute the ink with water and make a medium gray shade. Cover with this shade some places. Leave a white place for snow !!! Paint the roof tiles too. Coat some places with this shade. Especially darken the space under the roof. And also the places right behind the buildings and in their outlines. Mark out the places of the mountains. Outline some snowy ledges. We make it a light gray shade of ink. The brush is dry but with ink on it. Scrape the paper with a brush. Use active black ink. Darken some areas. We draw trees. A brush stroke is a line from point to point. For a thin line, less pressure on the brush. For a thick line, press more on the brush. Use active black ink. There is a minimum of moisture on the brush. Cross lines often. This will give volume. Do not detail. Just a few branches. Several sketchy pines. Trees and greenery on the background. We make lines often crossing them. Dark gray shade of ink darkens some places. Including vegetation. Enter the color. We work in different shades of brown. Pre-diluting them with water until pale. We paint over different sections of buildings. Paint over the trees in the foreground. Brown draw some trees behind the buildings. The principle of brush strokes is the same as before. Mix white and bright orange. Orange itself is quite transparent. We draw a persimmon on a tree. No need to draw perfect circles. Dotted the tip of the brush and make a spiral around to the circle shape. White highlight some places in the snow. So the picture will be brighter. You can skip this moment. These are the last brush strokes. Leave a comment please. Like, subscribe and hit the bell!

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